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Concert in the Park

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While much of the east coast was being pummeled by hurricane Irene, my husband, a friend and I were enjoying a concert in the park performed by the Torrance Symphony Orchestra.  Lots of show tunes, a couple of operatic arias by a wonderful tenor and soprano, and a classical violin piece performed by a young lady who is about 16-years-old. (Makes me feel like I wasted my youth!)

If I can make you envious for a moment – picture a clear blue sky, 74-degrees with a light breeze blowing. Music lovers seated in folding chairs on a hillside, some enjoying picnic lunches, toddlers making mad dashes only to be snared up into a parent’s arms before they could get into trouble, and dogs and puppies straining at their leashes.

In the shallow pond in front of the bandstand ducks are swimming in the water or napping on the concrete shore. The alpha seagull defends the ‘best’ perch against all comers.
Overhead, palm trees sway and eucalyptus leaves shimmer silver and green in the breeze. When the audience applauds, a flock of pigeons take flight, soaring over the trees.
What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon — and to celebrate my birthday!
What do you like to do to celebrate your birthday?
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