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The Rowers Keep on Rowing…

July 10, 2017 by in category Charmed Writer by Tari Lynn Jewett, Writing



However, as I get older, my perspective has changed, and the scene has more real meaning to me.


Time seems to be moving faster and faster, birthdays piling up, kids growing older, so much that I still want to do with my life,


“and the rowers just keep rowing…”


Birthdays and New Years are my big times for reflection and self evaluation. For me these are timed perfectly. My birthday is in July, halfway through the year. It gives me a motivational boost to prioritize and push myself to keep reaching goals through the end of the year…



My life has changed dramatically in recent years, my boys are all adults now, and my identity as a ‘mom’, while every bit as important has become less central, my priorities have become more personal. Write my books. Take care of my health. Spend more time with Hunky Hubby. Not necessarily in that order.


“And they’re certainly not showing,

Any signs that they are slowing.”


This year my goals are big, well, they are to me. I’m finishing work on a book, writing a novella, and at least the first draft of a second novel. I’m working on my health, trying to get in shape, get my cholesterol down, that kind of thing. After all the rowers keep on rowing, and I want them to row for as long as possible.


So, halfway through the year, are you achieving your goals? Have they changed since the beginning of the year? Do you love Gene Wilder?


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