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I published my very first book, Mac and Cheese, Please, Please, Please, in July of 2020. While there are obvious downsides to accomplishing this milestone in the middle of a pandemic, in some ways I think the pandemic made it possible for me to focus on making this dream a reality.

I should preface this blog post by saying that I know my experience certainly wasn’t the same experience that everyone had in 2020. My day job was by no means considered “essential work”, and I will always have a deep appreciation for all of the people who were essential throughout the pandemic.

My job on the other hand, slowed down. Like way down. While other parts of my life got more complicated, like distanced learning for my kiddos, writing somehow became less complicated. I found myself with more time to focus on it, and my proverbial writing batteries were still fully charged at the end of the workday.

The pandemic also served as a grim and constant reminder that this life is short. I found myself no longer caring about the reception others might have to my writing and I just bleeping did it

Fast-forward two years and thankfully my attitude hasn’t wavered much, but I find those writing batteries have a very small charge by the end of the day.

I appreciate this community and I enjoy hearing all your stories on perseverance in writing, rewriting, finding consistency, and keeping those batteries charged. Thank you!

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The Orphans of Berlin cover reveal and that moment in proofreading that made me cry by Jina Bacarr

September 11, 2022 by in category historical fiction, Jina’s Book Chat, Writing tagged as , ,

What I’ve been up to…


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♬ original sound – Jina Bacarr Historical Author♥

Hey, everyone, I just had to share a moment with you… I was proofreading THE ORPHANS OF BERLIN (pulling an all-nighter) and the tears were flowing… I swear every time I get to certain sections of the story, it hits me.

I cry.

We writers spend days, weeks, months getting it right (or so we hope), then it moves through the system and we don’t see it for a while, then we get that final last look before it gets ready for you guys…

And it’s then we get to experience it as a reader. Wow…

You don’t think about the craziness of writing and rewriting and the intense research you’ve done to get there, you get caught up in the moment. Like a dance you’ve rehearsed and rehearsed and then the music starts and your feet don’t touch the ground… you’re flying!

I’m so excited to share this fabulous Boldwood Books cover here with you! This is a story of my heart… it takes place in Paris in the late 1930s and during WW2, Berlin… and Philadelphia. Yes, Philly… during the middle 1930s. We’ve got debutante balls, intrigue in Paris… Berlin when the Nazis came to power… and a hero to die for. And two heroines. Questions? Please ask me! I’m here and dying to share my story with you.

It’s a story about rescuing Jewish children on the French Kindertransport… children’s transport and three sisters who must leave Berlin before it’s too late… and the American woman determined to make that happen.

Thanks for listening…

Jina xx

A heartbreaking World War 2 novel that tells the story of two women’s fight for love, family and hope, as the world crumbles around them. Based on the true story of the Kindertransport rescue from Nazi-occupied Europe.

#TheOrphansofBerlin is out 10th November!

Pre-order now for $1.99 US and UK 99p: UK US

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A Book About Macaroni and Cheese

August 15, 2022 by in category Writing tagged as , , , ,

So, I wrote a book about macaroni and cheese. It wasn’t something I ever planned to do, but like all happy accidents in life, I sure am glad it happened the way it did.  

While writing has always been a passion of mine, and a muscle that I frequently flex during my day job, it wasn’t until a daycare pick-up one fateful afternoon in 2019 that propelled me on the path of writing a children’s book.

One sunny afternoon, I picked the kiddos up from school and asked them what sounded good for dinner. They immediately responded with what I already knew they would say, “Mac and cheese, please, please, please”.  I turned the words over in my head the whole seven-minutes it took for us to get home.

I decided to give into their demands that day and make a box of macaroni and cheese, because it had been AT LEAST three days since they’d last had it [Insert parenting eye-roll].

I kid you not… In the time it took me to make a box of macaroni and cheese, I had scribbled out a children’s book.

I can still picture it in all its felt-tip marker and wide ruled notebook glory. I read it to my kids while they shoveled the orange noodles into their mouths; giving me nods of approval.

It didn’t come as a total surprise that a random lightening bolt of inspiration had struck me. After all, I’d been creative writing and plotting storylines on paper and in my head for years. I just had never guessed that it would come in the form of a children’s book, much less a children’s book about macaroni and cheese. Yet, here we are!

That’s the origin story of my book, which just celebrated its two-year birthday last month.

The absolute best part of having a book about macaroni and cheese is when I get a picture or Snapchat from my little Mac and Cheese Army out there. I had a friend reach out and tell me that her three-year-old accurately explained that they were having “elbow noodles” for dinner. These moments always serve as a good reminder to listen to those random lightening bolts of inspiration, especially since my little Mac and Cheese Army demands more. 

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Happy 3rd Birthday to my publisher Boldwood Books by Jina Bacarr

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Happy 3rd Birthday to #boldwoodbooks #booktok #boldwoodbirthday @bookandtonic

♬ original sound – Jina Bacarr


I was a shy kid growing up… glasses, pigtails, my nose in a book, but I came alive on stage. I think that’s because there I could be someone else who wasn’t always the ‘new kid’.

You see, I went to fifteen schools growing up.

But there was one thing constant in my life on every birthday no matter in which state we lived.

My mother’s butter vanilla cake.

Every birthday Mom made me a cake from scratch. Sometimes milk chocolate icing, or lemon or coconut , but always that soul-melty butter cake. Sweet but not too sweet, smooth, silky cake and dollops and gobs of yummy buttercream frosting.

So this year when my publisher BOLDWOOD BOOKS asked us authors to do a video to celebrate the phenomenal success of the company on their 3rd birthday, I so wanted to make Mom’s butter vanilla cake but–

For the past three weeks, I’ve been obsessed with finishing my next Paris/Berlin WW2 novel (many all-nighters) — handing in the manuscript, then working on the edits from the best editor a writer could ever have. Amazing lady who challenges me to write the best books I can. I’ve been with Nia Beynon from the beginning of my Boldwood Books’ journey and she’s the best.

I’m proud to say I’m the first American author they signed in 2019.

On this fab occasion, I want to wish Team Boldwood a very happy 3rd birthday!!

I hope you enjoy my birthday video — I shot the vid at my local fancy bakery…

And if you look close enough, you’ll see that little girl in an insert in the video… with glasses and pigtails wound on top of her head.



Paris 1940

The Lost Girl in Paris

My heroine, Angeline de Cadieux, is a Roma girl in WW2 Paris… she’s strong, fights in the Resistance… makes exquisite perfumes and comes up with an amazing marketing campaign during the war to boost morale in France.

Thank you!





The Resistance Girl

Juliana discovers her grandmamma was a famous French film star in Occupied Paris & her shocking secret…






The Runaway Girl

Once upon the ship of dreams… me dressed as a first class lady













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Hello, Slice of Orange!

July 15, 2022 by in category Writing tagged as , ,

Hello, Slice of Orange! I’m new here. My name is Renae Wrich and I am a children’s book author and an aspiring writer of romance. I hail from the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, more commonly known as Minnesota.

Minnesota had an especially brutal spring season this year. To put it in perspective, in April there were only five days of sunshine (FIVE!) and the average daytime temperature for the month was a whopping 44 degrees. This miserable weather was only compounded by the fact that my family welcomed an adorable eight-week old whoodle puppy into our home in March.

Winnie the Whoodle

Shivering outside at all hours of the day willing our whoodle to do her business, was enough to put my husband and I on a plane headed to the desert in May. So we dropped off our puppy and kids with the Grandparents and hightailed it to Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona had been on our bucket list for a while and this year felt like the perfect time to go. In addition to escaping the “sprinter” (spring + winter) weather, we also had the perfect excuse of celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary.

Let me tell you, Sedona did not disappoint. There’s so much to do and seriously not enough vacation days to do it all – Mystical vortexes, pink jeeps, prickly pear margaritas, art galleries, plus all the adventure and hiking your glutes can handle. Don’t worry, we also treated ourselves to plenty of R&R time at the pool.

Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, Sedona, Arizona

It was on our last full day in Sedona, as I was wading through the pool, that I noticed a woman with a hat that had the word “Writer” printed across the front.

I don’t know if it was the buzz of vortex energy, the poolside margarita, or sheer excitement, but I immediately swam up to her and introduced myself.

My mysterious pool writer turned out to be none other than Rebecca Forster!! As you can imagine, Rebecca was incredibly kind and easy to talk to. We found ourselves lost in conversation about the world of writing and publishing. I probably could have stayed in that pool and talked with her all night, but for the sake of our pruned fingers and deserted spouses, we finally exited the pool and exchanged information.

It was a no-brainer when Rebecca asked me to fill in for her on Slice of Orange while she’s away. I am grateful to her and for opportunity to be a part of this incredible community.

If you have any littles in your life who are obsessed with macaroni and cheese, or any Grandmas who always save the day, please check out my book, Mac and Cheese, Please, Please, Please. It is available on Amazon.

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