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I purposely didn’t do a blog post here at A Slice of Orange last month.  I suspected I wasn’t going to be able to attend the Birthday Bash, and some of the posts that were already there told people lots about what would be going on.  I figured they were more interesting than anything I had to say.
But I’m back now.  I do hope to attend the regular OCC meeting this month.  I enjoy them and really missed being able to attend the Birthday Bash.  But life happens. 
I’ve heard some about how the Birthday Bash went–great, of course!  Even so, I’ll ask questions at the next meeting.  I’m sure I’ll hear lots of good stuff, which will make me feel even worse that I wasn’t there.  OCC is one wonderful organization and I’ve belonged for a long time and do enjoy meeting up with the members.   I’ve attended the Birthday Bash before and always find them fun and inspirational and a really good time. 
But then, that can also be said of the regular meetings.  So, regarding the next one and as I often say, I hope to see you there!

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