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Pandemic Ideas by Linda O. Johnston

December 6, 2020 by in category Pets, Romance & Lots of Suspense by Linda O. Johnston tagged as , , , ,
the title "Pandemic Ideas" with picture of a small dog looking at the viewer

I’m a writer.  A fiction writer. And right now my world, and everyone else’s, has been highly modified nonfictionally by a situation I never imagined would happen: The Covid 19 pandemic.

Because I’m a fiction writer, my mind is always spiraling with ideas for new stories. At the moment I think I’ll have three new books published next year: two Harlequin Romantic Suspense novels plus a potentially stand-alone mystery that I’m currently writing.

All that keeps my mind and my fingers busy. But that mind of mine–well, when I’m not focused on what I’m writing, I’m always considering potential new ideas. They kind of just slip into my thoughts based on things I see or do, or don’t see or do but still tiptoe in and become creative plots or people or pets.

Or unusual backgrounds…

Yes, I’ve already done a blog here not too long ago about what to include, and what not to include, in stories. I focused more there on whether or not to include references in what I’m already writing to the pandemic and other current issues it has been causing.

Now, I’m wondering whether I ought to write something new that features the pandemic and how it involves a protagonist, probably in a mystery. At least my mind keeps telling me to consider it.

If I did, would people want to read it, or would they rather stay away from awful things like that which are affecting their real lives–even fictionalized versions of it?

Don’t know yet–but I’m kind of leaving my mind loose to consider it.

What do you think–would you want to read about it?

Because it’s me, the story would also most likely involve dogs, who are now being recognized as wonderful companions as we all stay far from others outside our households a whole lot more than we used to.

But of course no dogs would be harmed.

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To Include or Not to Include by Linda O. Johnston

September 6, 2020 by in category Pets, Romance & Lots of Suspense by Linda O. Johnston tagged as , ,

To Include . . .

We’re still in the midst of the pandemic that has affected us for more than six months now.  People get sick, and fortunately many heal . . . though not everyone does.  And it’s affected us in ways beyond illness–economically, for example.  

Even when things seem to improve some, they don’t always stay that way. Sometimes they get worse again. We still don’t know when things will settle down and start resembling normal once more.

And as a writer, I’m wondering when to use all of this.

Right now I’m still working on my third book in the long-running Colton series for Harlequin Romantic Suspense, featuring characters in one of the many branches of the Colton family spread all over the country. I’ve known what has to happen in this one, and that’s what I’ve done.

Or Not to Include . . .

But I’m also plotting some other ideas.  Stories that will take place at least a little in the future.

Should I mention the pandemic? The social unrest? What it’s all done to our economy?

Or should I assume that readers will prefer that I don’t go there, that I ignore all that nasty stuff and just create my own issues in my stories, the way I used to?

I’m pondering all of that even as I plot. But like everything else these days, who knows what the future will bring–and if things will ever return to what had been deemed normal before?

Of course, as a writer, I want to satisfy my readers. It’s okay to scare them in romantic suspense and mysteries, but we need satisfying endings in which all gets resolved in a reasonable, acceptable, perhaps optimistic way.  Never mind what happens in real life.  I write fiction!

Well, I’ll figure it out and decide which direction to go in each story I write.

And hope that reality gets better even as my stories continue.


The First Two of Linda’s Colton Family Series

The Colton Family

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