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As I near the completion of my first novel, or so I hope: and by complete I mean as far as I am able to take it on my own, my thoughts turn to seeking a professional editor. Why, I wonder, aren’t there any editors who donate their time and skills to the literary world and to novice hopefuls? (Me, me, pick me, pick me!).

One can find volunteers in just about every profession, and organizations such as AARP and the Small Business Administration offer freebies for tax-returns, employment, business start-ups, and other services. Colleges allow Senior Citizens to take free courses. Even law firms provide free legal aid.

I sigh and look up at the white, blank like my bank account, ceiling. The 70s hit parade blasts on my radio playing, ‘Wanted, young man single and free.’ It inspires me to consider writing an ad of my own.

Wanted: Editor, faithful and cheap. Experienced with Kid-Lit and YA. Dowry small. Pro bono preferred. Let’s tie the knot.

Write from the Heart | Veronica Jorge | A Slice of OrangeI imagine a reply and picture the Statue of Liberty waving at me with her torch and calling out, “Give me your bedraggled manuscript yearning to be perfected.”

With my thumb and pinky I hand signal and mouth, ‘Call Me.’

Her torch lights up.

I leap, arms stretched upward, and yell, “It’s a match!”





Veronica JorgeSee you next time on April 22nd.

Veronica Jorge

Manager, Educator, and former High School Social Studies teacher, Veronica credits her love of history to the potpourri of cultures that make up her own life and to her upbringing in diverse Brooklyn, New York.  Her genres of choice are Historical Fiction where she always makes new discoveries and Children’s Picture Books because there are so many wonderful worlds yet to be imagined and visited. She currently resides in Macungie, PA.


  • Rebecca Forster
    on March 22, 2018

    It’s a wonderful thought but editors need to make a living. I couldn’t do what they do and I am grateful to my editor every day for the many, many, many hours she pours over my manuscript. I bet if I broke it down hourly she’s not even making minimum wage for the amount of love she gives my work. Colleges have income from paying students so they can afford to help seniors for free. Most law firms also have paying clients to defray the cost of helping those who can’t afford help. Editors live one client to the next. Love your dream, though and can’t wait to find out if it comes true.

  • Veronica Jorge
    on March 22, 2018

    Hi Rebecca, The realist in me agrees with you 100%. The dreamer in me likes to entertain wishful thinking. But—who knows? I’ll let you know if the hope comes true. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

  • Alina K. Field
    on March 23, 2018

    What Rebecca said! But it is a wonderful dream—grants for new authors to finance their indie-pubs. Best of luck!

  • Veronica Jorge
    on March 23, 2018

    Hi Alina,
    Yes, hope my dream comes true. Thanks for writing!

  • marianne h donley
    on March 24, 2018

    Veronica, it sounds like your dream is to be published by a traditional publisher, rather than doing indie publishing.

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