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emaginings: Buffer for Writers

July 17, 2013 by in category The Romance Journey by Linda Mclaughlin tagged as , , , , , , , ,

While most everyone else was getting ready for this week’s RWA Conference in Atlanta, I went to camp instead. Well, MFRW (Marketing For Romance Writers) online Summer Camp.

If you’re not familiar with MFRW, I recommend checking it out. We have a dynamic group of writers led by the amazing Kayelle Allen, and ably assisted by Paloma Beck, Karen Cote, Kristyn Phipps, OCC’s own Monica Stoner, and a host of other generous volunteers. I’ve learned a lot from reading the MFRW Digests that come into my inbox.

At camp, I focused mostly on the social media classes, since I’ve been taking baby steps into that arena for over a year now. One of the classes was Buffer for the Hard-Pressed Writer, taught by Kristyn Phipps. I’ve had a Twitter account for over a year now, but hadn’t gone so far as to sign up for HootSuite or TweetDeck to manage my tweets, though there were times when I wished I had a way to space them out more. So I figured why not give Buffer a try, esp. since it’s also available as a smart phone app. It seemed like a good solution: a simple app that lets a user schedule tweets and FaceBook shares for release at specified times of the day.

You can sign in using your Twitter or Facebook account, then add a Buffer email and password. You have to authorize Buffer to access your Twitter, FB, Linked In or account.

Buffer also has a section called Analytics that shows you the number of times someone Retweets, Favorites, Mentions, or Clicks your message and the Potential number of users that could be reached.

The Buffer staff is good at answering question via Twitter and the app will also email you to let you know when your buffer is empty. I haven’t had much time to play with it yet, but expect it will be quite useful.

Have you ever tried Buffer, and if so, what was your impression? Or do you use a different program to schedule your social media?

To those who are traveling to Atlanta, be safe and have a wonderful conference!

Linda McLaughlin / Lyndi Lamont
Flights of Fancy
Lyndi’s Love Notes

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emaginings: Had To Write Today

May 17, 2013 by in category The Romance Journey by Linda Mclaughlin tagged as , ,

As usual, I had trouble coming up with a topic for today’s blog. You’d think I could plan ahead, but no. Couldn’t think of anything yesterday so I procrastinated. Then today it hit me. I HAD TO WRITE!

I’ve launched two reissues in the last couple of months, ROGUE’S HOSTAGE and LADY ELINOR’S ESCAPE. There’s a lot of work involved in self-publishing, revisions, edits, cover art, etc. And more work involved in a book launch. It seems like all I’ve been writing lately is blog posts and I just couldn’t stand it any more. Today I had to write.

I’ve been half-heartedly working on two projects, trying to fit them in in between blogs and tweets and what not. One is a sexy novella as Lyndi Lamont, and the other is a Western historical romance set after the Civil War that I started and abandoned years ago when conventional wisdom said Westerns wouldn’t sell. That’s no longer true, if it ever was, so…

Today I delved back into the Western, and it felt good to get reacquainted with my characters. I’m doing some revisions, but the story seems sound, at least so far. The main thing was, it felt good to write again, even if it is just revising. Promo can suck up so much time, esp. when you don’t have a big publishing house behind you. It’s easy to get caught up in the minutiae and forget to write.

So my apologies for this rambling, possibly incoherent blog post. But you see, I had to write today.

Linda McLaughlin

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e-maginings: Naming My Muse

October 16, 2009 by in category The Romance Journey by Linda Mclaughlin tagged as , ,

Hi all,

We had a great OCC Birthday Party on Saturday though I had to leave early and missed the yummy looking cake. While there I signed up for the new online class called Muse Therapy by D. D. Scott. D.D. has given us some interesting homework assignments, and I’m going to share what I’ve learned about my muse so far.

D.D. suggested we name our muse. Mine is a 1960’s flower child, so she needed a hippie name. I considered Sunshine and Starshine, but those are both too constant for this fickle little lady. So I decided on Zephyr since she’s about as easy to pin down as a gentle breeze.

Zephyr loves: history, science fiction & fantasy, anything paranormal or New Age (astrology, Tarot cards, etc.), books, movies & music (folk, rock, New Age, movie soundtracks, some classical, a little country Western but no rap or hip hop). Music helps the two of us get anchored in a story, and I usually pick a movie soundtrack for each new book or story.

Like me, she lacks patience and stick-to-itiveness (not good traits for either a writer or a muse). Also like me, she’s easily distracted.

Zephyr loves the ocean and mountains, is OK with the desert if it’s not too hot (she really loves Sedona). Big cities are fun once in a while but too distracting. So much to do and see.

Unlike me, she doesn’t seem to have a temper, but she can sulk big time, not to mention just disappearing on me for long periods of time. It’s very passive aggressive of her, lol. She’s been AWOL for a while now, but recently made a reappearance. Problem is, every time she shows up, it’s usually with a new story idea, not how to finish the current WIP.

She’s earthy with a dirty mind as well as a potty mouth, and an active sense of humor. She does have a serious side, though, and a surprisingly formal writing voice. Or maybe that’s because it’s all filtered through my more logical brain.

What form does your muse take?

Linda McLaughlin
w/a Lyndi Lamont

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e-maginings: ASUS Entering e-reader Market

September 16, 2009 by in category The Romance Journey by Linda Mclaughlin tagged as , , ,

ASUS, maker of the popular Eee netbook computer, is planning to enter the burgeoning e-book reader market by the end of the year. Their reader could be the first to have dual screens and, according to Slash Gear, may come in two sizes, 6-inch and 9-inch touchscreens.

According to Times Online, ASUS “confirmed last week that it is planning to shake up the market in the same way it did when it launched the first netbook — the low-cost alternative to the laptop.” Click here to read the complete article.

I love the idea of a dual-screen device, even though I’m quite used to reading on a single screen now. It would be great to not have to turn the page as often, and it might win over people who are resistant to the idea of e-book reading. Two screens would seem more like a “real” book.

So far there’s no word on what formats will be available for the device, but the cost of the device is rumored to be about $165. (Information Week, Sept. 9, 2009)

What do you think? Would an inexpensive, dual screen e-book reader tempt you?

Linda McLaughlin
w/a Lyndi Lamont

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e-maginings: Writing Again

July 17, 2009 by in category The Romance Journey by Linda Mclaughlin tagged as , ,

This week I started writing again after, literally, months of hibernation. That is, if you count a three-page synopsis and revisions as writing. I did spend a lot of time thinking about the project and tweaking the plot until I felt I had a complete story. I have to say, it felt good.

That’s the good news. The bad news is I was thinking about my story and not what I was going to blog about, so I have nothing. I don’t feel too bad about it though. You see, I started writing this week after a very long hiatus. 😀

Now if I can just keep up the momentum, maybe I’ll even finish the story. Wish me luck.

Linda McLaughlin
w/a Lyndi Lamont

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