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Veronica Jorge Reviews: #PleaseSayYes A Novel by Tari Lynn Jewett

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Tari Lynn Jewett

ISBN 978 173 3594318

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Life can get complicated, but it helps when you have good friends, especially the kind who know what you need before you do, and who set out to help you even when you think you don’t need it.  Confusion? Oh, yeah! Ticked off? Maybe a little.

Still brooding over her breakup last year, Lucy Vaughn settles in to her day job as an elementary school teacher.  Evenings, she curls up with a Victorian romance novel. Life is peaceful, but lonely, until her friends and social media take over her life.

Lucy has a secret admirer who’s too shy to ask her out. So his brother decides to help things along to connect him with Lucy.  He posts an anonymous invitation as a secret admirer asking Lucy to be his date for Valentine’s.  Each day, he adds to the post giving hints as to his identity.

Lucy and her best friend Ashley sort through the clues: local guy, owns his own business, and he’s a musician.  Then they compile a list of possibilities. Could it be the guy she met at the New Year’s Party?  The techie from the school field trip?  Her new neighbor?

Or maybe it’s the man Lucy least expects. He’s closer than she thinks. In fact, he has no idea that his brother has set this event in motion.

The social media posts, like true love, spiral out of control and go viral. Soon the whole world is commenting and urging Lucy to, “Please say yes!”

Got friends?  On social media?  Prepare yourself. You just might be the next Lucy Vaughn.

So while you’re waiting for your friends to take over your life, for your good of course, read Tari Lynn Jewett’s,  #PleaseSayYes.  It will make you laugh and warm your heart.


See you next time on July 22nd.









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Veronica Jorge Reviews Secret Relations A Novel by Rebecca Forster

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a wooden heart and the title Write from the Heart





Secret Relations

Finn O’Brien Thrillers

Book 3

Rebecca Forster


ISBN: 9781985585522






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A seasoned detective knows that the best way to solve a crime is to follow the money trail, especially in a particular L.A. neighborhood where the rich float on top while the bottom feeders sink below. But we’re talking about Detective Finn O’Brien and he’s in the other L.A., the one with sun-streaked neighborhoods burning with robbery and drugs, and where kids duck for cover under a lullaby of gunfire.

Amber, his partner Cori’s daughter, bypasses her mother and asks Finn for help in finding her missing friend, twenty-two year old Pacal Acosta. Finn is conflicted about keeping a secret from his partner and challenged by the impossibility of trying to gather information to track an undocumented male immigrant.

When a number of missing young immigrant men are found murdered, Finn’s instincts kick in. There’s a serial killer on the loose targeting immigrants, and Amber’s involvement is spooking the killer which means she’s in danger too.

Friendship and trust are tested when Cori discovers the secret pact between Finn and Amber, and when she learns that her daughter loves the missing young man, her worldview gets turned upside down. Cori struggles to accept her daughter’s openness to this new blended world and is forced to confront her own prejudices.

The three work together to compare notes and scenarios. Who would kill immigrants and why? Could it be gang related?  Maybe the work of Marbles, a member of the Hard Time Locos, not yet 18 but whose “evil is already old and deeply ingrained.” Ruling out money and drugs, the three of them follow, not the money trail, but the trail of blood and dead bodies.

Finn and Cori investigate possible killers, interview members of the ethnic community, and try to keep Amber safe, all the while dreading the unspoken possibility. What if Amber’s young man is the next dead body they find?

With multiculturalism quickly becoming the new normal, the fast-paced thriller Secret Relations is the novel for our times.  Read it!


See you next time on June 22nd.


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Veronica Jorge Reviews Foreign Relations a Novel by Rebecca Forster

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Miraculously surviving torture Takrit, a political activist, smuggles evidence of human rights atrocities out of her home country of Eritrea and she escapes to the United States.

Also in the U.S., both hunting for Takrit, and hoping to close a lucrative business deal for a port of trade that will cement his power and his fortune is, Emanuel Dega Abu, the President of Eritrea and . . . the man responsible for the human rights abuses, and Takrit’s torment.

If Takrit’s video evidence goes public, Dega Abu’s empire will come crashing down and so will he. He must find Takrit and eliminate her. She must find a way to stay alive and tell the world her story.

In Foreign Relations, book 2 of the Finn O’Brien Series, Rebecca Forster immerses us in the world of political wheeling and dealing at home and abroad, and the disparate parties that the matchmaker, Money, unites with ease.

When the first dead body turns up, Finn O’Brien starts to fit the pieces together. He gets too close to the source so a local congresswoman, with her sights on a seat in the Senate, deters him by shutting down the case. But Finn is haunted by what he’s discovered. And the spirit of the dead body ‘sits on his shoulder asking him to put it to rest.’

Never one to back down or cringe before the brass or the most degenerate criminal, O’Brien tackles crime, money, and politics. With help from where he least expects it, he plows through the mire of government contracts, kickbacks, and money laundering, and dents the unbreachable wall of diplomatic immunity.

Intriguing. Thrilling. Page-turning. With Finn O’Brien on the scene, crime doesn’t pay.

Both heart-rending and heart-warming, Rebecca Forster assures us that despite the reality and the odds, justice, loyalty and love, still reign and rule the day.

A fantastic read you will never forget!

See you next time on May 22nd.


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Veronica Jorge Reviews The Day Bailey Devlin’s Ship Came in A Novel by Rebecca Forster

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The Day Bailey Devlin’s Ship Came In (Book 3 of the Bailey Devlin Series)
by Rebecca Forster
Amazon Digital Services  2015 


If you’ve been with us through books 1 and 2 of the Bailey Devlin series, by now you love Bailey, want to shake some sense into her, or both.

In this last of the three book series, Bailey’s ship comes in . . . in more ways than one.

You might think she married Jeffery. After all, he helped care for her grandpa, loves her nuttiness, took her home to meet his parents, threw a wonderful party for her, and proposed in front of both their families. So who else but Jeffery, right?

We’re talking about Bailey, remember? Nothing ever goes according to plan. Horoscopes can be misleading, pennies aren’t always lucky, and love can sometimes sail away.

The Day Bailey Devlin's Ship Came In

In book 3, The Day Bailey Devlin’s Ship Came In, Bailey realizes that her heart might belong to someone else: Ethan, her musician neighbor. Problem is, Ethan doesn’t live here anymore. He’s traveling on cruise ships with his band. Bailey can’t bring herself to marry Jeffery until she’s absolutely sure which of two she truly loves. So, she makes a Bailey Devlin decision. She tracks Ethan down and boards the ship where he is currently employed.

Complications arise when Bailey discovers she’s on a Single’s cruise and has to keep dodging the same guy. Confusion jumps on board when she sees Ethan with a woman, assumes he has a girlfriend, and convinces herself that her chances with Ethan have sunk. She spends the rest of the cruise trying to avoid Ethan . . . until she sees “his” girl with another man.

Worried about Bailey; Jeffery, Grandpa, Bailey’s boss, and his flirty daughter arrive on the ship.

Determined to warn Ethan and rescue him from the woman’s clutches, Bailey goes overboard . . . literally, and has to be rescued by none other than . . . .

To find out which of the two her heart belongs to, you’ll have to read, The Day Bailey Devlin’s Ship Came In.

If you haven’t yet read any of the books, you’re depriving yourself of fun, laughter, and warmth. A modern day I Love Lucy, and with a motely cast of characters and situations that rival a Seinfeld episode, Bailey’s a riot!

See you next time on April 22nd.


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The Day Bailey Devlin Picked Up a Penny: A Review by Veronica Jorge

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The Day Bailey Devlin Picked Up a Penny

The Day Bailey Devlin Picked Up A Penny

Book 2 of the Bailey Devlin Series

by Rebecca Forster

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2015

ISBN# 978-1517072728

Previously . . .

When we first met Bailey Devlin in, The Day Bailey Devlin’s Horoscope Came True, (see my review posted on Dec. 22, 2018), Bailey was struggling with the unexpected arrival of her grandfather, studying to pass the bar exam, and conflicted about her feelings for two guys.

In The Day Bailey Devlin Picked Up A Penny, book 2 of the Bailey Devlin Series, our heroine is on a weekend getaway with Jeffery to “meet the parents.” Driving through the pouring rain, Bailey spots a woman stranded on the roadside and urges Jeffery to turn the car around and go back to help her. Bailey braves the downpour to help the woman into the car. The three of them arrive at the mansion with Bailey drenched and looking like something the cat dragged in . . . and then threw away. Not the great first impression she was hoping to make on Jeffery’s family.

The stranger turns out to be Jeffery’s childhood friend, now drop-dead-gorgeous . . . Penny. And this is one penny Bailey can’t toss away! In Bailey’s mind, Penny is a rival who threatens her potential future with her true love. And to make matters worse, Penny has a secret that no one but Bailey seems concerned about.

Since our Bailey rarely takes the easy or direct route to confront her problems, she lets her fears and suspicions lead her into trouble and grief. The only foot she’s able to put forward is the left one, usually into her mouth.

Write from the Heart | Veronica Jorge | A Slice of Orange
Veronica Jorge

Navigating a maze of confusion and misunderstanding, Bailey finds herself wallowing in self-doubt and treading the waters of low self-esteem. She questions whether luck and love are well-matched and wonders if maybe it’s like her mother said, ‘luck encompasses those things and events that can change the course of one’s life.’

To find out if the events in this book change Bailey’s life and confirm her true love, you’ll have to read, The Day Bailey Devlin Picked Up a Penny. It just might be your lucky day!

See you next time on, March 22nd.

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