Holy writer’s block, Batman!

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Not even published yet and I have to write a message to a bunch of editors? I’m in so much trouble… (And the first one of you who sends this back to me red-lined… well I’ll… I’ll just… uh… probably learn from it. J)

I think one of the most important things you should know is that I appreciate (need… thrive on… demand…) feedback. This isn’t my organization. It’s yours. I’m a facilitator by profession so I encourage you to send me, and your board, ideas, thoughts and concerns. One caveat though. Relentless criticism will probably be blown off. We need to hear if something is wrong, but what we need more are ideas on how to fix things. We get enough criticism when we send our newborns off to the editor. Put those creative brains to work if you see something amiss. I’m also setting a goal of putting together a strategic plan this year that will help this organization thrive for the next several.

Second item? Volunteers. We have fresh faces this year and it is fabulous. But we need more. Time is precious to all of us; possibly the most precious commodity of all. And I revere mine. But I try to prioritize (not always successfully). I know there are those of you out there who really cannot add one more thing to your agenda. But volunteering runs the gamut of time consumption – You could sit with Marilee at the membership check-in table occasionally. You could arrive early to help set up, or stay a few minutes to help take things down. You could put your graphic arts abilities to work and create a poster for us to take to National next year. You could coordinate shipping books to judges for a contest, or offer to bring the used books to the facility every other month, trading off with Peggy Mansur who has been doing this faithfully for years. If you have a few minutes we have the job to fit those few. And if you have a few more, we have some committee roles that desperately need to be filled.

Third item? Who the heck is this person? (I was going to say broad, but Jann would probably kill me. 🙂 ) I write Romantic Suspense and have achieved Pro status by receiving rejections on three completed novels. I was a finalist (yeah? Try to put that in active voice – finaled isn’t a word!) in the Orange Rose once, and just missed by a point on another occasion. Most recently I am dabbling in something that resembles a crossover of paranormal romance and women’s fiction.

In my other life, I work for the State of California, managing ten-plus staff in two offices (Cypress & Chatsworth) who inform and involve communities in toxic chemical clean up actions happening in their neighborhoods. I live in the shadow of the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, so commuting is a part of life (an expensive one lately!). I am owned by two dogs, two cats, and four fish – who I forgot to feed this morning. Rats. Be right back… next month, I mean…



  • Anonymous
    on November 13, 2008

    This is from Randi, whose google account is driving her nuts:

    Hi Narda!
    Actually, I travel to Cypress once or twice a week, and am in Chatsworth the rest of the time. Our office is called the Department of Toxics (or more formally The California Stae Department of Toxic Substances Control) and is near Valley View and Cerritos Ave in Cypress. And not far from Cal State Northridge in Chatsworth. And if Erin heard you call me her, she’d probably go ballistic! Unfortunately, she sees the regulatory agencies as the enemy. We’re not all bad. As to McColl effects in Fullerton, I’ll have to look it up. It’s not currently on my list of sites my staff work on… unless it’s under another name. Do you have an address?

  • Anonymous
    on November 9, 2008

    You live all the way in Simi and travel everyday to Cypress & Chatsworth? What is the name of your office? Are you really Erin Brokovich? BTW, do you oversee the McColl effects in Fullerton?

  • Anonymous
    on November 1, 2008

    Awesome message, Randi! Fun to read – love your voice!

    I look forward to a new year with you as our daring leader! Woo-hoo!!

    Love, Kitty 🙂

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