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Love & Mud Puddles

March 9, 2022 by in category Writing tagged as , , ,

From the moment that Paul and I met, thirty-four years ago, our life has been a constant stream of planned and unplanned chaos, and the last year has been no exception. Since this time last year, we’ve had the joy of welcoming our beautiful grandson, Milo, I’ve had two total knee replacement surgeries, we’ve been making a slow move to our retirement home in Arizona, which will be complete in November, and preparing our current home to go on the market, a number of extended family situations that have been heartbreaking, and as you all know there’s been a pandemic.

With all that’s happened, good and challenging, I spent very little time at my desk working, but I did manage to write   one book this year, a holiday romcom titled Love & Mud Puddles. I’m excited to announce that I signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press, and Love & Mud Puddles will be released for the holidays this year.

This is not the book cover.

I had so much fun writing this Christmas cookie themed story about Hannah, a young woman who can’t bake, and is challenged to bring homemade Christmas cookies to her family Christmas Eve party. She and her best friend are on a mission to learn to make a fabulous holiday treat, and after several disastrous tries, they end up in a cookie baking class with an oh-so-cute instructor. Will Hannah learn to bake a fabulous cookie…or will they all go up in smoke? And why does the cute instructor always catch her in another disaster?

Mud Puddles are my name for my favorite double Chocolate Thumb Print cookies, and later this year I’ll share my recipe, and some of the other recipes that Hannah tries on her quest for the perfect holiday cookie. Actually, if you want it now, you can find it in my facebook group, Tari Lynn & Friends.

I’m pretty sure that for the rest of our marriage, Paul and I will continue with planned (and sometimes organized) and unplanned chaos, good, challenging and everything in between. In the meantime, I’m starting a new project, and I’m hoping to spend a little more time at my desk in 2022.

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