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A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

April 28, 2012 by in category A Fantasy Life by Janet Cornelow tagged as ,

Life has gotten extremely busy lately. I have an extra class to teach and of course, OCC contest entries to judge.
My book, The Kilted Governess, will be up on a Kindle and Nook with a new look next week, thanks to Lex Valentine. She made me the new cover. 
Eirica MacDougall’s ailing father promises her in marriage to a line of suitors who want her farm and are willing to overlook “the incident” that ruined her reputation at sixteen.  Also, her father hires Duncan MacKinnon as governess to her young sister and he steals Eirica’s heart. 
Then her father dies and the suitors become more adamant that she chose one.  Duncan steps in to help her run the farm.  But someone wants her inheritance and threatens her family. She must convince him to marry her to save her from the suitors. Duncan, having nothing to offer but his love, refuses. Then he must save her reputation and her life.
My youngest son, Rob, who some of you know, is going to be a father in September. They are having a little boy and for the moment, they are going to name him Elijah. Of course, they may be changing their minds before then.
My granddaughter turns one the end of next week. The time goes by so fast.
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A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

March 28, 2012 by in category A Fantasy Life by Janet Cornelow tagged as ,

Dressed For Dying is now up at Kindle and Nook with a new cover done by Lex Valentine, an OCC member. Sean Madigan, a reporter in 1892 New York City, is after his first big murder story, a story that could make his career. Entangled in the story are the sweatshops where his sweetheart works. His chasing the story puts her in danger and he must keep her safe and get the story. Kindle – http://www.amazon.com/Dressed-For-Dying-ebook/dp/B007HQQC1G/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1331254339&sr=8-1-fkmr0

Nook – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dressed-for-dying-janet-quinn/1015825272?ean=2940013923188&itm=1&usri=dressed+for+dying

I am now two-thirds of the way through my new western time-travel titled A Chance for Love. Even with all of the classes I am teaching, I am finding time every week to work on the book. I hope to have the first draft done by the end of May.

This will be my granddaughter’s first Easter and I am going to buy her an Easter dress. This is the first little girl’s Easter dress I have ever gotten to buy. The boys were not really into Easter dresses. We are going out to dinner that night I am going to make sure she wears the dress. It is a great night to go out to eat since most everyone stays home.

Since my oldest son decided to put a new roof on the house and the leak in the bathroom roof is now fixed, I am redoing my front bathroom. My youngest, Rob, and I are going out on Thursday to pick out new tile for around the bathtub. It is so much fun to redecorate.

I am finding it hard to sit down and write now that the sun is out and it is warm. I think I’d rather be doing almost anything else. I’m waiting for Rob and his wife to come by with a recording of the baby’s heart beat. It is pretty cool that they can record it.

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A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

February 28, 2012 by in category A Fantasy Life by Janet Cornelow tagged as ,

Writer’s block.

That is what I have been suffering from for the last three days while I tried to figure out what I was going to blog on. I still do not really have a topic. I think I have graded too many not so good essays for the classes I teach. It seems to be affecting my mind.

I have been doing well on my new book, A Chance For Love, which is a western time travel. I am over half way done, and when I have time to write, it is just flowing right along. I like books that know where they are going. The fantasy story I started last year is still stuck – more writer’s block.

I have the rights back as of Saturday to Dressed for Dying, my one mystery book. I forgot to order a new cover for it, so it probably will not go up at Kindle until the end of next week. I was bad about keeping track of when the rights came back to me. I have to do better on the next one.

I have spent part of the afternoon formatting Dressed for Dying to go up on Kindle and Nook. It isn’t difficult, but it is boring. I kept forgetting where I was, so I decided to blog instead. I can at least have the book ready to go when I do get the cover from Lex Valentine.

My big news is that I am going to be a grandmother again. For those who know my youngest son Robby, he is going to be a father in late September. They don’t know the sex yet, but they did get to hear the heart beat today, so they were excited.

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A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

January 27, 2012 by in category A Fantasy Life by Janet Cornelow tagged as ,


Everyone is talking about self-publishing at the moment. For those of us who have a backlist that is sitting there doing nothing, it is a good thing. If your book is out-of-print or just been out so long it really doesn’t sell at the publisher’s list price, self-publishing is the way to go if you can get your rights back. You can also put that book that is under your bed because it didn’t really fit anywhere and no publisher would take it, but you know it’s a good story.

I have several of my backlist up at Kindle and Nook. I am starting to put them up at Smashwords. What I learned with my first one, Wild Honey, was that putting it at Kindle and Smashwords was not the way to go. I took it down from Smashwords after seven months and put it on Nook myself. It had been on Nook through Smashwords. I made in one week by myself at Nook what I had made in the seven months it was with Smashwords at Nook. Smashwords does hit other sites, so there is some money to be made with Smashwords. It is a lot like the small publishers, however. Smashwords has to wait for the money to come from the sale sites and they are not that speedy at sending out payment.

The other side of self-publishing is the money. Some people make a great deal of money with what they publish. Certain books sell more than other books and there really doesn’t seem to be a reason. Western romances seem to be the biggest sellers. Others make a much smaller amount, but enough to make it worthwhile. I made as much on A Moment In Time in the first month at 99 cents than I had in the last four years. It wasn’t a great deal, but it was nice. I figure a total of approximately $500 a month for all my books is worth the effort.

It is worth the effort if you keep your expenses down to get it put up. Those who make a great deal of money, like Debra Holland, can afford to pay people to do the work for them. People like me, who only make a few hundred dollars a month, maybe don’t want to spend too much to put their books up. Me, I’m cheap and don’t want to pay lots of money to someone else. I can’t do covers, so I pay Lex Valentine. She does really nice work. The rest I have learned to do myself. I can format and upload so the only thing I pay for is a new cover. Jackie Hamilton learned to make her own covers so she can do it all.

I have formatted manuscripts for a some other people. The thing I learned is that it is tedious, boring work. It is even more tedious and boring than grading essays all day, which is my other job. I never figured I’d find something more tedious than grading papers.

I hope everyone is working toward their 2012 goals. I have one finished. Yeah!

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A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

December 28, 2011 by in category A Fantasy Life by Janet Cornelow tagged as ,

Happy Holidays to everyone.

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and have recovered. It was a very busy day in my house since everyone comes to my house. My sons and their wives were here. My middle son’s mother-in-law and my sister were here. My two youngest sons helped cook dinner which is always good. Chewbaca, my dog, got his new squeaky ball first. He had it unwrapped quickly and then demanded that everyone play ball with him. He wore himself out.

Count Rugen, my cat, nearly had a nervous breakdown with so many people in the house. He’s not good with people. He hid behind the Christmas tree, under the dining room table where he tried to steal the silverware and finally collapsed on the bed.

It was Isabella’s first Christmas. She is my granddaughter. She mostly watched, but liked one of the balls and a rattle I bought her. We had to keep the ball away from Chewbaca. It was hard plastic and I didn’t want to be picking pieces out of his mouth.

I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I am still haven’t decided if I like it. It seems very difficult to work. It took me an hour to register it and an hour to actually purchase a book. It seems to get stuck on certain screens and it is difficult to change. The keyboard is super sensitive and hard to use. The reviews I read were all bad. Probably should have read them first.

I have all my backlist up at Nook now. It was as easy as putting them on Kindle thought some of the questions were different.

I am on vacation so I am trying to get some writing done on my western time-travel. It is going a bit slow because I am still tired from Christmas.

Everyone have a wonderful New Year. Remember it is time to set goals for the next year.

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