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An Evening with Author Sylvia Day

February 4, 2014 by in category Archives tagged as , , ,

I was one of 40 lucky people to spend Friday evening with Sylvia Day at Redondo Beach’s Mysterious Galaxy bookstore. Here she answered questions from the audience about the Crossfire Series, how she writes, where her inspiration comes from, and how she does some of her research.

Maria Stefanopoulos and Sylvia Day
Sylvia started the evening by answering the main question on most of the audience’s mind, when is Captivated By You, the next Crossfire book, coming out?  Her answer:  sometime later this year. She wants the remaining two books to come out within weeks of each other, so she needs to finish working on the last book. As I’m sure many of you can relate, Gideon – her hero, doesn’t want her working on any more projects until his is done.
For those of you who missed the event, it was recorded. You can find the entire Q&A session here:
This was a ticketed event that included her new release Spellbound, Little Black Dress wines, and Xocia healthy chocolates.
– Maria Stefanopoulos
OCC/RWA Vice President
Celtic Hearts RWA Author Trip

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Naked Sushi is a Cosmo Red Hot Read from Harlequin by Jina Bacarr

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“Naked Sushi” cover coming soon.
I thought this illo had a “Bond Girl” feel to it.

What girl doesn’t enjoy reading Cosmo? With its sexy articles and fun fashions, the magazine has evolved over the years. But one thing remains constant:

You know when you pick up Cosmo your libido is going to do a tap dance.

My libido is dancing overtime.

I’m thrilled that my novella, NAKED SUSHI, will be a Cosmo Red Hot Read from Harlequin.

I’m still pinching myself that my wise-cracking, computer-hacking, sex-starved heroine, Pepper O’Malley, will be a Cosmo Girl.

Pepper watches all the cop and spy shows on TV–Castle  and Covert Affairs are her favorites–and she’s intrigued by Person of Interest.

And now she’s got her own story to tell:

Amateur spy PEPPER O’MALLEY gets more than she bargained for when she discovers her sleazy boss is hiding corporate secrets.

She gets fired.

Was it her fault she got caught in the copy room with her pants down with a hunky thief?
The only way Pepper can get her job back is to become a naked sushi model and spy on her ex-boss.

She’s thrown into a world of corporate espionage she never imagined…

Pepper is a lot like me. I wrote a column for Microtimes magazine called “Sweet Savage Byte,” where I looked at the world of technology from a female pov. This didn’t always go over well with male programmers…though I did meet a bunch of great guys at the magazine.

Like Pepper, I also worked for a video game company, wrote code, and worked with audio/video. I also worked for Japanese companies and wrote a book called “The Japanese Art of Sex,” which was featured on Playboy TV.

I was thrilled when Harlequin added “Naked Sushi” to this exciting new series.

Sylvia Day is the launch author for the series with “Afterburn” in August 2013.

“Naked Sushi” is scheduled for October 2013.

More to come in the upcoming weeks!


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