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December 2017
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Happy Writing Anniversary and Happy Holidays by @readtracyread

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Happy Writing Anniversary | Tracy Reed | A Slice of Orange

Happy Writing Anniversary and Happy Holidays


I’m going to keep this short and sweet because, I know you are probably swamped with holiday preparations and those end of year releases. Congratulations to everyone and their releases this year and the many that will be born next year. The gift of writing is an amazing blessing and one we should never take for granted, but honored to share.

Last year, I took on a huge project, 12 Titles in 12 Months. The reality was, it was thirteen titles. I often forget about one of the books, because it’s not available to the public, because I use it for my lingerie business.

To this day, I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking taking on such a huge project. Trust me it wasn’t for vanity. However, there was a book I really wanted to include in the challenge but it just didn’t happen…DESPERATE DESIRE. Cori, I refer to my books by the heroine’s name. It’s like men with their cars. I think it makes them seem more real.

So, Cori’s story is the third installment in the Generational Curse series.  It was my intention to share her story this month, on the anniversary of her sister Kyla’s story, Generational Curse, but life happened.  I heard someone say, if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plan.

Once I got over the disappointment of my plan not coming to fruition, I pushed the release date back a month.  The push back was very necessary, because I needed to make a few changes. I write books that have a faith message and/or Christians struggling with their walk.  Cori and her husband are Christians, however he’s having an affair and she’s contemplating doing like wise.  As if that wasn’t tragic enough, I gave her a few vices, erotica, weed and expensive whiskey.  So when I looked at the original cover, it didn’t work.

I got the original cover image for this book a few years ago.  No, that’s not a typo.  I originally bought the image when I was shopping for images for book one…Generational Curse.  I wanted a consistent look with the series and the original was nice.  I ran it through a series of changes in Photoshop and it was done.  Then something happened, I was working on the website for my other business and found myself with an image I could no longer use.  I didn’t want to just cast the image to the side, but thought it would make a nice cover.  I did a little tweaking and when I finished, I knew that was the image for Desperate Desire.

Although this book is part of a series, it has the personality of a stand alone.  The original cover was similar to it’s predecessor, however, the new one really spoke of the heroine’s personality and her journey to discovering love.  Next month I’ll do the cover reveal and share more of Cori’s story.

So as I prepare to celebrate the holidays, I’m also celebrating the third anniversary of my first book, GENERATIONAL CURSE and preparing to release my nineteenth title.  Wow…now ain’t that something.

Happy Holidays

Tracy Reed

Author: Tracy Reed

A California native, novelist Tracy Reed pushes the boundaries of her Christian foundation with her sometimes racy and often fiery tales.

After years of living in the Big Apple, this self proclaimed New Yorker draws from the city’s imagination, intrigue, and inspiration to cultivate characters and plot lines who breathe life to the words on every page.

Tracy’s passion for beautiful fashion and beautiful men direct her vivid creative power towards not only novels, but short stories, poetry, and podcasts. With something for every attention span.

Tracy Reed’s ability to capture an audience is unmatched. Her body of work has been described as a host of stimulating adventures and invigorating expression. 


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