A Thought or two on Loglines and Mission Statements

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Now how in the world do loglines relate to mission statements?  It kind of surprised me when I realized the connection.
For a bit of background, I was participating in and helping with MFRW‘s great Summer Camp (check out Linda Mc Laughlin’s Blog for more information) Kayelle Allen asked me to take on a logline forum, since I do enjoy distilling a book down to twenty five words or less. On the same weekend I was working with a club on their ByLaws, starting with the Mission Statement.
A Mission Statement is a declaration of an organization’s purpose. Some are complex, conveying many thoughts; the best are direct and simple, describing the organization so clearly one has no doubt of their place in the world. Even better, these simple statements stick with us, and when we’re asked what that organization is all about, we have a clear answer.
What was that? A clear description. Direct. Simple. Something that will stick with us? Sounds like something else I’ve read about recently. 
What do you think? Could the logline be the mission statement of our book?

When not pondering esoteric concepts, Monica writes and reads romance in various genres while living in the high desert wondering when or if it will rain.

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