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It is so hot it is hard to concentrate on anything. Summer is not supposed to come the end of September. I had planned on writing today, but I couldn’t seem to move.

The picture is of the Cajun plantation that I visited last March with Linda McLaughlin. It is such a pretty view looking out across the land.

My alternate universe story is coming along. The second society in the alternate universe is a caste system. People belong to a particular caste depending upon how much magical power they possess. The prince and his family are, of course, in the top caste. What the majority of the populous does not understand is that the royal family has been loosing its magical power over the last several generations. They live in a palace that is suspended above what would be Central Park in New York City. They seldom leave the palace because they do not have much power and rule by right, not by magic. They do not want anyone to discover that their powers are weak.

The heroine, Sasha, is a peacekeeper in the city-state of Bedegrayne. She has strong powers. Beside being able to cast spells, she has the power to freeze people in their tracks and is able to read auras of objects. She can tell about people by holding what they have touched. This is how she knows that Pax, the hero and detective from our world, is on the side of good.

She is also tracking an evil force and suspects it is a wizard. All Pax knows is that he is chasing a serial killer and has slipped into somewhere he cannot explain.

The story begins with Pax chasing the wizard and being swept into Bedegrayne. Sasha greets him upon his arrival. Their first meeting is not one of great trust, but that will develop over the story. After all, it is a romance.

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