Laughter is the Best Medicine

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I haven’t written a word towards my WIP since January 12th. That’s an eternity for me. My day job has once again taken over and by the time I arrive home only a couple of neurons are still willing to fire.

When I don’t have much brain power left I can always find a cartoon that will brighten my mood. Cartoons are my intellectual M&Ms and my hips won’t be chastising me later.

One of my favorite cartoonists is Debbie Ridpath Ohi over at and Those of you who participate in NANORIMO (National Novel Writing Month) may recognize her work.

I especially liked this one. It reminded me of the first time I actually shared the plot of my WIP out loud.

So, what cartoon strips make you laugh?

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  • Anonymous
    on January 31, 2008

    You seriously find the funniest stuff!

    What a great comic!

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