Living With Abandon

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I watched as my cats, Battu and Kiki played a game of attack and chase. First, Battu jumped out at an unsuspecting Kiki, who leaped in the air with wide-eyed astonishment. The chase was on. Cats raced across the couch, thundering like a herd of elephants through the entryway into the family room. Although Kiki tried to act afraid, I could see she was having a great time.

Within moments, they were back. This time Battu was the one in the lead. She leaped onto the ledge of the open-arched window leading from the entryway to the living room, touching down lightly before landing on the carpet. Kiki followed, however her jump wasn’t as true. The loud thud told the story. I peered through the opening to see Kiki sitting on the floor shaking her head after colliding with the wall instead of ending up on the window sill. She sat for a few minutes with a bewildered expression before joining in the game again.

How many times have I been going blithely through life, only to be brought up short by a sudden impact? In my writing, the harsh criticism of a reader or editor can be grievous. In other areas, thoughtless remarks can cut deep and bring me up short.
I try to be like Kiki, allowing the hurt for a moment before shaking it off and starting in again. Collisions may be painful, but living, and writing with abandon is worth doing.

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