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Planes, trains, and–

When you read this, I’ll be in sunny Venice, Italy, where I’ve been invited to speak at the historic La Biennale arts festival regarding my books, The Japanese Art of Sex and The Blonde Geisha (they’ve both been translated into Italian) about–you guessed it, sex! I’ll be taking lots of pix and shooting video of the festival to turn into video podcasts when I return home.

So, how do you podcast on location when you’re a one-woman crew?
Here are my Top 10 Tips for Podcasting on Location:

1. Get a digital camera with video capabilities. Most 5- to 7-megapixel point-and-shoot cameras are not made to film long videos, but they work well for short filming. One-to-three minute segments work great, but don’t worry about the length when you’re “in the moment.” Just shoot it!! You can always edit yourself hanging over the Eiffel Tower later at home.

2. A digital audio recorder is perfect to record your thoughts, observations, and interview interesting people you meet on your trip.
3. Always carry a backup battery pack for your digital camera (about $30) since many digital cameras don’t give you much warning when the charge is low; also, carry extra AA batteries for your digital audio recorder.

4. Learn how to use the “10-second delay” feature on your camera to shoot pix of yourself alone or with interesting people in the shot. Warning–do NOT leave the camera where a thief can grab it or a bystander can knock it over (you don’t want your $350 camera floating down the Nile).

5. Practice holding your camera in front of you to frame the shot so you can video yourself. It looks weird to passers-by (who often stop to try to figure out what the heck you’re doing), but if you’re podcasting solo, you want to video yourself “in action” to add the personal touch to your on-location podcast.

6. Shoot anything that looks interesting–you can always erase it (though I don’t recommend it–it may look better on your computer screen than on the small camera screen) and edit the best parts together at home.
7. Memory cards–stock up!! They’re lower in price than they’ve ever been. I use 2-Gig cards, but 1-Gig cards work okay, too. I carry post-its with me and put the “full” memory card into a snack-size plastic bag with a post-it containing short notes of what I shot with the date, place, etc..
8. No one’s face is exactly symmetrical, so know your best side. Practice shooting video of yourself with your camera to find your best side.
9. Unless you carry your own lighting (imagine getting lighting equipment through security at the airport), be aware of the light source when you’re videoing yourself. I shoot “test” footage first to check the lighting. Also, learn how to use the lighting settings on your camera.
10. Make-up isn’t just for celebs–apply neutral foundation and neutral eye shadows plus black mascara (be careful not to get that “raccoon” look) for your close-up. Outline your lips with a lip pencil or brush and use lip gloss so your mouth doesn’t “disappear” when you speak. You want the camera to capture your perfect Kodak smile!
That’s it!! I’ll be posting more info about my adventures in Italy at La Biennale arts festival when I return!

Until then, ciao, ciao!

Tune in soon for Part 5 of Confessions of a Podcast Goddess, when I’ll be talking about my adventures inVenice, Italy speaking at La Biennale arts festival.

Jina Bacarr is the author of The Blonde Geisha and coming in July 2007, Naughty Paris. Jina writes erotic adventure for Spice Books. “Get Caught in the Act!”


  • Anonymous
    on June 26, 2007

    Thankz, Jessica!! Hope my tips help you with your podcasting.

    I’m back from Venice–and did I shoot video and pix!!!

    One tip I’d like to add to this list after my experience in Venice: I was fascinated by the beautiful carnival masks in all the shop windows and I took a lot of pix; I discovered I could get a better shot if I turned OFF my flash (no glare on the window). Keep this in mind when you’re shooting still shots in front of store windows.

    I’m off to Dallas soon for the RWA conference, where I’ll be shooting more video for future podcasts.

    Check back for a new Confessions of a Podcast Goddess in the future…

    Ciao, ciao,

  • Anonymous
    on June 25, 2007

    Great tips! 🙂

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