The Lone Writer: How I’m Spending My Winter Vacation

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I’m feeling quite proud of myself at the moment. My family is supposed to leave for the ski slopes any second now and I’m sitting here typing away. That’s commitment people!

As a Southern Californian living in the land of eternal drought there is something so magical about snow. I guess snow is kind of like Las Vegas at night, with all those fun noises and the lights shining bright you don’t sit there and think about how sad everything looks during the day. Snow is an amazing white blanket that hides the dirty stuff. It’s fantastic.

I know what you’d all like to ask…do I ski? Yes, and I love it! Last year I spent several days on skis zooming down the slopes (Dana zooming, not this-should-be-on-tv zooming). This year I hope to at least manage a snowboard lesson.

I always see pictures like this and it looks fun. How about you, dear reader. Do you ski or snowboard? do you have any advice?


  • Anonymous
    on December 25, 2007

    Skiing is a a beautiful artform exercise, exhilarating and with the snow around you it leaves you feeling excited at every turn.

  • Anonymous
    on December 23, 2007

    LOL. Thanks everyone! Happy holidays! (Haven’t tried snowboarding yet)

  • Anonymous
    on December 21, 2007

    Wow, that is commitment, Dana!

    I haven’t been skiing in one…two…eighteen years. I don’t think I’d bounce back up as easily as I once did. 🙂

    My advice is the same as Sabrina’s…Oh, and stay warm!

    Happy Holidays!

    Michele Cwiertny

  • Anonymous
    on December 21, 2007

    Strapping a piece of wood to my feet and hurling down the side of a mountain isn’t on my top ten…

    My advice? Stay upright and have fun!

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