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What we do to ourselves

In the midst of finalizing work for the Saluki National I chaired, someone sent me one of “those” e-mails – the kind you want to send on to all your friends, and also contemplate for yourself. It had to do with what women do the themselves and each other, including fighting over a man (really, are they worth that kind of effort?), gossiping about each other, envying each other.

We’ve all been guilty of this from time to time, and I tell you that little missive had a huge impact on me. Not that I’ve totally stopped bitching (would blow up like a balloon!), but I have become far more aware of what I’m saying, or writing. And also more aware of what others write or say.

The National was most successful, pretty much everyone had a good time, and there was very little complaining until two weeks later. A record for Saluki people, let me tell you. I answered some of the complaints, but when they got to the point of whining for the sake of feeling superior, I stated I had no interest in a mud slinging contest, any constructive comments would be most welcome, but two weeks after the fact was a bit late to be bringing up something that could have been remedied at that time. Amazingly, the complaining stopped.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, there is always someone who writes better than I do, and always someone who will sell long before I do. Someone will always be richer, thinner, more successful than I am. I can either continue to piss and moan or I can get on with my life, congratulate them on their success, start writing and keep writing.

As for those whiners who tried to drag down my show, or who try to drag down our lives, they’ll be the ones found head down in a full porta potty. In a book, of course!

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