My New Year’s Resolution

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This is one of my favorite times of the year. My family and I celebrated two birthdays and had a really nice peaceful, Christmas. I hope yours was the same. I definitely ate more this week than it takes to sustain life – and I enjoyed every bite of it.

Now its time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions (if you’re the type of person who makes them). I could fall back on my annual vow of eating right and exercising more, but I know that will be history by my birthday in mid-January. I could vow to write more and procrastinate less, which miraculously I’ve actually been doing, so I don’t think that counts.

So instead how about this? I will challenge you to make a few small positive changes in your life whatever they may be and I will try to do the same in mine. Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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  • Anonymous
    on December 29, 2007

    ROTFL. The perfect-diet-and-workout-schedule never works for me either.

    Good plan!

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