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Mona Karel, member at large

Yep, it’s time for the launch party for “Teach Me to Forget,” the second rose I received at the April meeting. Release was actually last Saturday, with Amazon jumping the gun by a couple of days. Since everyone I know was busy doing something else, I had a party by myself. Sort of.

I got a case of Black Opal wine.

My very prettiest wine goblet, and brought up Teach Me To Forget on the computer.

Didn’t actually open the wine, I’ll wait until some friends come over. But I did stage a wicked party, don’t you think???

“Teach Me To Forget” came from the first time we rented a motor home. Lying snuggled up in the top bunk, rain pattering on the roof just a few inches above our heads, was amazingly cozy and romantic. The story grew from that moment. Of course I made Jonathan and Bethany go through a long “getting to know you” span of time before they could really enjoy that bunk.

An abused child-bride of a dissolute jet setter, Bethany Acton has come a long way. Now divorced and single, she writes for a lifestyles magazine, lives out of her motor home, and answers only to her boss—when he can find her. She has overcome her horrendous past and taken control of her own life. But when she meets Jonathan Merritt, a wildlife photographer, she learns that control is a tenuous thing.
Thanks for joining the party, everyone.  And for all the love and support you have given me through the years.


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