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Because She Can

by Sandy Diamond

Bridie Clark’s debut novel Because She Can is the The Devil Wears Prada for the book publishing industry enthusiasts.

The story unfolds with the young very bright editor Claire Truman taking a leap of faith. She leaves her very safe and comfortable but not very challenging position in a much loved company. Her leap of faith much to her friends and family chagrin and warnings lands her in the clutches of Vivian Grant, the overseer of a Hades-like book publishing company.

Claire resigns herself to completing an entire year, hoping to learn as much as she can from this horrible woman. Despite her verbal assaults and tirades Vivian’s actions and motives do teach Claire a certain kind of wisdom. What not to be.

The story is as much about Vivian Grant, who is said to very closely resemble Judith Regan (ReganBooks). For those of you not familiar with her name, she is the one that wanted to publish OJ Simpson’s If I Did It…which did not happen because of public outcry. Thank goodness for some decency in the publishing community.

I found Vivian Grant’s character interesting because even though author Bridie Clark says…it ain’t so.., her last boss was none other than, Judith Regan. Like Judith, Vivian published many trashy and wildly successful books. She also published some literary works of art.

I found the love stories in the novel to be very touching and very real. They encompass family love and romantic love. Nothing really convoluted, but nice to remember that these kinds of love are still with us today. Claire’s character grew as an editor and also as a person. She is someone that you would want to have as a friend. I liked her.

I read an interview on Bridie Clark which made me smile. She was asked “What are you reading right now?” One of the books she is reading is one of my all time favorites a very old book called Portnoy’s Complaint. She had me on that statement. She secured the deal when she said, “I also read so-called Chic Lit every day. I love fun, entertaining, lighthearted books. I read them the way most people watch television.”

I found this novel to be very entertaining, some times laugh out loud funny as well as very poignant at times. I would certainly recommend this book as a good solid read and well worth the hardback price.

I am looking forward to her next book.

Sandy Diamond, a reader who is not an author or aspiring writer in any way, was asked by her daughter to objectively review the latest book she read. While she has no hidden promotion agendas at this time, one day when her daughter is published, she will be completely biased and love her daughter’s work above all others. Even above Jude Deveraux.


  • Anonymous
    on March 25, 2007

    Hey Sandy-
    So Dana put you to work? Great review- I look forward to your next one (and the one after that. . .)

  • Anonymous
    on March 23, 2007


    Avis? Well, I suppose it’s better than Henretta.

    Fine, you can love Jude more than me. But only Jude!

    😉 d

  • Anonymous
    on March 23, 2007

    I enjoyed reading your review. You’re good at this! Please keep it up!

    I had heard something about the real editor being slammed in a fictionalized version, but had not retained the title of the novel. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll be putting it on my list to read.

    I hope you return as a reviewer!

  • Anonymous
    on March 22, 2007

    Sandy, GREAT review!!! Can’t wait for the next one! And especially can’t wait to see you review Dana’s!

  • Anonymous
    on March 22, 2007

    Michelle, did you check your hand for the Death Eater’s mark after meeting JR? Tee hee!

    Sandy, great review! I saw this book at Target and almost bought it. I’ll have to go back.


  • Anonymous
    on March 22, 2007

    I love Portnoy’s Complaint too!!! I just ordered “Because She Can” based on your review. I met Judith Regan at a BEA BookExpo way back when she published an OJ book and she was very full of herself. I found it abhorent that the murder of two people was turned into a “cottage industry” by their friends and family and I refused to buy any of them. The store was an offical OJ free zone. I look foward to getting my book tomorrw and to your reviews in the future.
    btw… It was great to see you last week. Thank you so much.

  • Anonymous
    on March 22, 2007

    Dear Avis,

    Nothing wrong with the name Avis.

    Jude (Hertz) and you have my heart.



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