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From podcast goddess to contessa, ah, such is the life of an erotic fiction writer!

Most of you know me as the podcast producer for OCC. I’ll let you in on a secret–I’m also The Spicy Contessa. Okay, so I’m not a real contessa, but I sure felt like it when I snapped this picture wearing this gorgeous mask in the Piazza di San Marco on my recent trip to Venice, Italy.

I’ve learned a lot researching over the years and I thought it would be fun to start a blog talking about the backstory, cool facts, and interesting observations I’ve made about writing erotic fiction.
Come with me, The Spicy Contessa, as I take you around the world when we go “behind the scenes” of the wild and raucous world of writing erotic fiction. Venice, Paris, Rome…discover the story behind the books. We all know the research can be stimulating…it’s also fascinating.
I have two entries up on my blog: The Pretty Women of Paris (19th century brothels) and What’s in a name. A penis by any other name is…

I’ve also started a Yahoo Group so you can be notified about my blog updates: Join my Yahoo Group for updates to my Spicy Contessa blog
Or you can check out my blog and subscribe to it on my Naughty Paris MySpace Page!

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