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Using the Force and Fish Slapping Friends

March 30, 2008 by in category Blogs with 0 and 0
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Recently my cousins convinced me to get a Facebook account. As soon as I had one I had cake, snowballs, pillows and fish thrown at me. Somehow I don’t think the rise of social networking means the demise of blogging.

Blogging has incredible potential because it is a platform for you to get your voice heard to the web — and therefore, the world — whereas getting a sheep thrown at me on Facebook has no intrinsic value other than making me laugh.

What I do like about Facebook is that I am connecting with friends I haven’t heard from in quite some time. Unlike MySpace, I can control the application on my page. I use Scrabulous for online scrabble matches and I have Just Three Words where you write a story either alone or with others three words at a time.

My favorite Facebook app is the scrabble game Scrabulous. I know, it’s trivial and silly and maybe even a little stupid. But to score 33 points off of XI to take the lead in a match is fantastic (Your turn Dana).

If she beats me I may just have to throw a sheep at her…

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