The Worst Valentine’s Day Ever

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Who here loves Valentine’s Day?


Okay, so maybe you don’t. But you’re gonna love this one.


Because I got a present for you!

Here’s the deal.

Tell us about your Worst Valentine’s Day Ever.

If New York Times Bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson thinks yours is the worst*, you win.

That simple.

The winner gets a special prize from Vicki Lewis Thompson, a box of Godiva and complimentary publicity on OCC’s blog A Slice Of Orange.

Yep. That’s what I said.

Special Gift from Vicki Lewis Thompson!

Complimentary Publicity!

Box of Godiva!

Am I missing anything?

Well, there is that chance you could win a million dollars worth of diamonds in the box of Godiva. (Like Cracker Jacks only better!)

Nah…you wouldn’t want that.

Come one. Come all. (Meaning published and unpublished.)

Send your stories to:

Warmest regards,

Dana Diamond

* When I say worst, I mean best. Entries may be true or fictional and will be posted on A Slice Of Orange through February. They will be judged on how entertaining they are, not if they are truly the worst. Also, size doesn’t matter, but a general guide is to try to stick to one page, single spaced, Times New Roman 12. Oh, and yes, permision to forward.

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  • Anonymous
    on February 3, 2007

    i’ve sent my entry in to your “Worst Valentine’s Day Ever”,
    it could only have happened to me!,
    and you have my permission to pass it on,
    wishing everyone good luck and my the best entry win,
    here’s hoping that it is MINE!

    in Ole London Town

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