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A Writer’s Life
By Mary Castillo
The first audience a writer has to convince is her family. And God help you if you have kids.

I lucked out. I was already writing when I met my love so he had no problem leaving me alone every Saturday so I could write. But I had a full-time job, a two-hour commute and a close-knit Mexican family who didn’t understand what I was doing on weekends when I should’ve been with them.

The thing is, until you have some street cred, the people you love will not understand why you’re begging them to leave you alone so you can sit in front of a computer. My mom would call me every Saturday morning and ask, “So what it is that you’re doing again?”

“I’m writing a book.”

“About what?”

I think I answered that very same question on more Saturday mornings than I care to remember. It wasn’t that mom didn’t care. She just couldn’t figure out why I’d rather hole up in a bedroom than drive down for a bonfire barbeque on Coronado.

My family finally cut me some slack after I wrote two screenplays and two novels. But it wasn’t because I had written two screenplays and two novels. It was because I started writing movie reviews for my local paper and had a byline to prove it.
After mom had tangible proof of what I was doing – she showed my reviews online to her co-workers – she would call on Saturday mornings and ask, “What are you doing answering the phone? Shouldn’t you be writing?”

Mary Castillo is the author of two romantic comedies – Hot Tamara and In Between Men. Her novella, “My Favorite Mistake” is featured in the anthology, Friday Night Chicas. She is a columnist with VidaGirl.com and has also contributed feature articles to Catalina Magazine, Romance Writers Report and Och Tamale (the alumni magazine for the University of Redlands).

Mary has two blogs: Chica Lit for writers and readers at http://www.marycastillo.blogspot.com/ and How to Survive Your Best Friend’s Baby for friends of new moms at http://www.bestfriendsbaby.blogspot.com/.


  • Anonymous
    on March 15, 2007


    I must confess…me too…just like your wonderful mom! We think that you girls are the most brilliant and beautiful creatures that ever walked the earth.

    So why would you hole yourselves ups on a glorious Saturday..when you could spend it with “us”.

    Your mom and I understand now..just takes time.

    I am betting that Allyson’s mom felt the very same way.

    So glad that you young women had the insight and uh..creativity to explain to us…your dreams and aspirations.

    That we understand:-)

    With Love,

  • Anonymous
    on March 14, 2007

    I love it too. It is/was so true for me too. Thanks for posting it.

    🙂 d

  • Anonymous
    on March 12, 2007

    Mary, I love this post!
    It’s so true. . .

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