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Why erotica? Why now?

Sex isn’t the taboo it once was. HBO’s Sex in the City made it okay to pop a vibrator into your shopping bag along with a pair of stilettos. Women want that same freedom in choosing the books they read.

It all started with FANNY HILL. Considered to be the first erotic novel, the memoirs of this woman of pleasure by John Cleland published in 1749 was the subject of the 1966 landmark Supreme Court case that opened the door to publishing erotic fiction in the United States. Since then, men have had all the fun. Now it’s time for women to get in on the reading action.

What we read mirrors what’s going in our society. No surprise then that erotic fiction is so popular. According to a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the number of sex scenes aired on TV has doubled in the last seven years. Seventy percent of shows on TV include some sexual content–double what the figure was in 1998.

Lesson 1: Overview: the history of erotic romance

Lesson 2: Subgenres of erotic romance: historical, contemporary, paranormal, fantasy and futuristic

Lesson 3: Erotic language — which words to use, not to use, etc.

Lesson 4: Coming up with an idea

Lesson 5: “A Hero’s/Heroine’s Erotic Journey”

Lesson 6: POV: 1st vs. 3rd; how to think like a man; head hopping vs. bed hopping

Lesson 7: Research

Lesson 8: Erotic romance is not porn–the difference and what publishers want

About the Instructors:
Jina Bacarr is the award winning author of Naughty Paris and The Blonde
Geisha from Spice Books. Lyndi Lamont writes erotic romance, including
male/male for Amber Heat, the erotic imprint of Amber Quill Press.

Enrollment Information:
Cost: OCC members $20 and Nonmembers $30
Enrollment deadline: October 13, 2007

For more infromation, see the website http://www.occrwa.com/classes_October.htm
or e-mail online class moderator Lori Pyne at luv2write@gmail.com

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