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Announcing the Winner of the 25 Days of Romance Contest…

March 6, 2006 by in category 25 Days of Romance tagged as with 10 and 0
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Before we announce the two runners up and the winner, the Orange County Chapter of RWA would like to thank Mary-Theresa Hussey, Executive Editor for Silhouette, for agreeing to judge this contest! Mary-Theresa is always gracious and generous with her time, expertise and talent to help out our chapter, which is why the Orange County Chapter of RWA awarded her the very first Helping Hand Award.

Thank you, Mary-Theresa Hussey!

And now it’s time to announce the two runners up and the winner. Starting with the runners up first…

The 2nd Runner Up is…
MR. PERFECT by Dana Diamond!

The 1st Runner up is…

And now the winner is…

Thank you all for submitting and reading the blogs, and for making the 25 Days of Romance a success! FAIRY TALES DO COME TRUE by Gillian Doyle will be recorded as a pod cast and the link to that will be posted on the OCC/RWA website by Saturday, March 25th.


  • Anonymous
    on March 8, 2006

    Wow, what a thrill! And such a HUGE surprise! I heard the news while traveling home from Montana. It was all I could do to keep from screaming in the middle of the Seattle airport!

    Thank you so much, Mary-Theresa, for choosing my blog about Rubye. Thank you, Jen Apodaca, for asking/prodding/begging us to submit to the 25 Days of Romance. I loved every single one of the blogs!

    As some of you may already know, I had notified friends and family about the initial post of my blog, which was the same day of my hair appointment. That evening, I thought Don’s attentiveness was due to my new haircut. Finally, I asked why he was grinning so much. He said, “I keep thinking about your blog and all the neat memories it’s brought back to me.” Gee, if only I’d known that writing a blog would grab his attention, I might not have whacked off my hair. (Just kidding.)

    Then my daughter emailed, asking if this story was really true or if it was one of my fiction pieces. I assured her it was true–at least from MY perspective! But Don has since admitted that his frequent helpful visits to Rubye’s office were simply excuses to see me. Imagine that? After all these years, and I never knew!

    I am so tickled that this real-life fairy tale about Rubye has not only touched so many people but will soon be featured as an OCC/RWA PodCast! I can just imagine my Fairy Godmother taking all this in, smiling down at me and giving me a mischievous wink of her eye.

    Thanks, Rubye…for everything.

  • Anonymous
    on March 7, 2006

    I’m sad it’s over too. It was a great way to start every morning…even when you made me cry. 🙂

    Michelle, I feel like I won an Oscar too. I’m so excited! 🙂 And I too feel so honored to be included with you and Sue. Congratulations!!! 🙂

    Sue, Congratulations!!! I’m dying for you to get home and see all this!!!

    Jennifer, Marianne and Mary-Theresa, thank you for all your hard work. I know I’m not the only one who appreciated it. 🙂

    And thank you to everyone who contributed for giving me such joy.

    🙂 dana

  • Anonymous
    on March 7, 2006

    I forgot to thank our WEB GODDESS, Marianne Donley, for having such a GREAT WEB SITE to have a blog spot on. Again, Thank you to everybody who had anything to do with this great experience. I feel like I won an acadamey award!!! Way Cool. WE ARE ALL GODDESSES AND OCC ROCKS!!!

  • Anonymous
    on March 6, 2006

    Congratulations Gillian(Sue) and Dana.
    I am in a state of shock, and I am so honored to be included in your company. I miss the different blogs every morning, but my tear ducts have finally got a rest. The “25 DAYS OF ROMANCE” makes me feel I have peaked into a part of our members lives I might not got to see otherwise. Thank you Mary-Theresa and our very own BLOG GODDESS, Jennifer Apodaca. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK. OCC ROCKS!!!

  • Anonymous
    on March 6, 2006

    Aww now I’m kinda sad that it’s over! Congratulations to everyone who contributed. It was so much fun to see a different side of y’all and to hear your stories.


  • Anonymous
    on March 6, 2006

    All the stories were so fantastic–and all so different!!! What a wonderful experience 25 Days of Romance has been for so many of us. Glad I didn’t have Mary-Theresa’s job of picking a favorite, though, cuz there were just too many that I liked. Thank you, Mary-Theresa, for making the final selection. I have to admit, the ones you chose are all dear to my heart. Congratulations to all three of our winners,

    Sandy Novy-Chvostal

  • Anonymous
    on March 6, 2006

    How cool! Congratulations, you guys. Your entries rocked.

    And thank you to everyone else who contributed. Every morning I looked forward to reading your stories.

  • Anonymous
    on March 6, 2006

    Congratulations to all three of you. Thank you for sharing your great blogs!

  • Author
    A Slice of Orange
    on March 6, 2006

    Congratulations –all three of you. And a big thank you to Mary-Theresa for the final round judging!

  • Anonymous
    on March 6, 2006

    Congrats to everyone–you all wrote great blogs! Thanks for sharing such wonderful stories.

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