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By Lori Pyne

Celebrating first sales and hard won achievements with writer friends from around the globe reinvigorated my soul and reinforced my commitment to my own dream.

The student inside of me gleefully absorbed the various ideas, suggestions, techniques and tips presented at workshops attended. Greedy girl that I am, I impatiently await the arrival of the full conference CD. I know there is more gold to mine from workshops missed. If I am lucky, they will arrive just as the information learned begins to fade.

The workshops did not have a monopoly on information. Much knowledge could be gained while sharing coffee, meals, a seat in the lobby and even elevators with fellow attendees.

Nationals in San Francisco was everything I expected, and more than I anticipated. I arrived uncertain as to my current writing path. I left with a firm sense of the direction I should travel.

I expected to glean more knowledge. Encouragement and confirmation were welcomed bonuses.

Did anyone else experience surprise bonuses?


  • Anonymous
    on August 26, 2008

    Lori and Shauna, glad you came away with useful information and ideas for your writing. Sounds like a successful conference for both of you. I enjoyed it, too.


  • Anonymous
    on August 25, 2008

    I came away with ideas for two books and a short story. I met some interesting people and found out about interesting and/or useful books I hadn’t known about. Most important, I came home revitalized about my writing and with many new ideas about how to rearrange my schedule to get my fiction writing done and be less distracted.

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