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By Janet Quinn Cornelow

I have spent most of the last six weeks on the couch watching reruns because I pinched a nerve in my back and couldn’t do much else.

It amazes me how many writers there are in different series. They all seem to write mysteries and make a great deal of money with their first books. Maybe that is where people get the idea if they write a book they are going to make enough money to quit their day jobs.

In Bones, Temperance Brenner’s publisher gave her a sports car and complete strangers ask her about her books. In NCIS, McGee wrote a book and now has money and can get into places that only let in the rich and famous. Both of them used their coworkers as characters in their books.

Then there is Castle. He’s on a permanent ride-along with the police. He has his own bulletproof vest that says Writer on it. Like the police would let a civilian into crime scenes or when they are about to arrest someone at gun point.

Being a writer on television seems to be better than being a writer in real life. A fantasy we would all like to be part of.

Unfortunately, I haven’t done much else than watch television. I have two chapters to finish Sam’s story. I did edits and read the galley on my next book. Hopefully the next month will be better as my back gets better.


  • Anonymous
    on August 15, 2009

    Janet, you're so right that fake writers on TV make out much better than the real ones! Castle is cute, though. I loved Nathan Fillion in Firefly so I'm glad to see he's found a successful series at last.

  • Anonymous
    on July 27, 2009

    Sorry you are not feeling well.
    I whole heartedly agree, while the vest with "WRITER" plastered on it is cute and I want one, the entire premise of the show is beyond bogus.
    Same as Bones, do people really believe we would take a body down to that state to do an autopsy? CSI shows have the same problem, very few are done. A large bullet hole in one's chest is a completed autopsy.
    As far as NCIS, I like McGee and the episodes of him writing the book in character with his pipe and old typewriter were cool.

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