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By Janet Quinn Cornelow

Meet Kisho and Kaisha. Loki, my son’s girlfriend, drew them. They are teenage, twin snow leopards. Their mother, the ruler of their land, has sent them to America. Kaisha, next in line for the throne, has been sent to manage their assets. Kisho has been sent to join her because rebels have threatened his life.

Kaisha has magical powers. Kisho has some, but not as strong as his sister. With them are some servants, of other animals species, who have some type of magical ability. The twins are alone in America, with no supervision, so they off on an adventure.

Loki came to me a month or so ago and wanted to know if I want to write a graphic novel with her. She’ll do the graphic part and I’ll do the writing part. She has part of the world developed, but really not sure of what the story should be.

Writing a graphic novel has to be sort of like writing a screen play. As a writer, I do not have to do all that description, which I tend to leave out if I can get away with it anyway. Who cares if the characters change clothes during the book. Also, I do not have to explain the action. That is shown in the drawings. I mostly have to write the dialogue and then explain what they should be doing, but I can do that in notes or talking to her.

Of course, every good story needs a love interest. Kisho has one with a fox. Kaisha doesn’t as of yet.

Manga seems to be very popular with the younger generation, so it seems like a worthwhile project. We still have to come up with names for the countries and a reason why the land where Kisho and Kaisha come from doesn’t have the technology that America does. Plus, it is back to figuring out what type of magical powers everyone has.

If you are interested in seeing a Manga romance, ask Maureen Child. She had one of her romances come out as a Manga. It was interesting. I really liked the sex scenes. They are just up my alley.

In the meantime, I have to finish Sam’s story while we build a new world. He’s out of bed, but now he is in the yard arguing with Jubilee. I don’t think he’ll be happy staying there for long.

Art work by Loki – http://loki-rei.deviantart.com

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