How To Make the Most of Conference From Editors Mary-Theresa Hussey and Natashya Wilson

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In the July Orange Blossom, OCC writers shared their conference tips. But editors go to conference, too, and also have advice to share. So here’s a couple tips from two conference verterans on “How to Make the Most of Your Conference Experience”:

Silhouette Associate Senior Editor Natashya Wilson emphasizes the basics. “I always print out my own daily schedule with hours in blocks and write/type in everything I need to do–appointments, my workshops, workshops I want to see, etc. I also make sure I contact everyone I specifically need to see ahead of time and set up a time to meet.”

Silhouette Executive Editor Mary-Theresa Hussey says it’s important to allow yourself some down-time as well. “There’s tremendous pressure to do and see everything, but there’s no way you can get it all done. Accept that, and do what you can. And try to work out the one thing to see/do in the city that will leave you satisfied beyond the conference, so that you’ve got something else to look forward to.”

She adds, “Remember, too, that it’s the book you write that will make or break your career, not the clothes you wear, or pitch you do or contacts you think you have to make. Of course, outright rudeness may be remembered, but anxiety or shyness is understood. Complete the very best book possible and submit it.”


  • Anonymous
    on July 7, 2006

    Hey Natashya and M-T,
    Thanks for the great advice and insights from your point of view. I really like the suggestion to do a non-conference related outing so you have a special memory of the city that are not just of the elevators and lines. But Mary-Theresa, you know we’ll see the sunrise more than once and laugh til our faces hurt. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! I NEED A BREAK, seriously. See ya soon, and thanks again for writing a blog for us and reading ours. Check out one of my conference flashbacks next week.

  • Anonymous
    on July 5, 2006

    Natashya and Mary-Theresa, great tips!! I, too make lists, Natashya. And Mary-Theresa, thanks for letting everyone know that their shyness is natural.
    Mindy Neff

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