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“I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Gini Wilson has passed a way from cancer today 08/17/07. She loved you all very much and thought of you often.

Her Husband
Jim Wilson”

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  • Anonymous
    on November 16, 2007

    Aloha to Gini:
    I was fortunate enough to be co-president of OCC with Gini way back when. My memories of her are so vivid. She was a source of positive energy who had a clear vision and plan for her life. She was generous, organzied and born to lead. Gini was as vibrant as the characters she created on paper.

    There are so many wonderful, funny things I remember about her. Back in those days our newsletter was all cut and paste and copies. A committee worked on it at various homes. The internet was not yet “alive” as it is today.

    One day we were all cutting, pasting and talking, someone knocked at Gini’s door. She pulled a gun out of a drawer, wrapped it in a towel, opened the door just wide enough for the caller to see it and told him to “scram.”
    That was Gini. She never backed down. She never wavered. She was a loyal friend and one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known.

    We miss you, Gini.
    Aloha hui hou,
    Jill Marie Landis

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