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Things that make me go mmmrrh ... | Geralyn Corcillo | A Slice of OrangeMmmrrh … Book Boyfriends. For most of my life, I have been dreaming about boys and men who’ve reached right out from the pages and stolen my heart. It all started with Jim Frayne from the Trixie Belden Mysteries. Then came the unforgettable Nat Eaton from Elizabeth George Speare’s The Witch of Blackbird Pond. And Rapheal Sabatini’s Dr. Peter Blood (Some call him Captain). Agatha Christie’s Anthony Cade from The Secret of Chimneys. Mary Stewart’s Rob Granger from Touch Not the Cat. Mmmrrh … the list goes on.

I’m still falling in love with book boyfriends. And even better, I’m creating heroes that readers tell me they adore. This May, Arlen Black, the hero of my romantic comedy Queen of the Universe, is one of 30 candidates up for Chick Lit Book Boyfriend 2017. Meet Arlen …

From the “I’m Trying to Stay Sane” journal of Arlen Black

Why does he need to stay sane, you ask?

From Arlen’s journal: Ray said I should do this, keep a journal. That it helps take off the pressure. The show, the media, my crazy-as-a-duck co-star. But the thing is, nothing about playing this part stresses me out. Are you kidding? After everything I’ve lost … the kids …  saying a few lines on camera isn’t about to faze me.
Lola is the one driving me nuts, plain and simple. I said I’d be on her show – and I don’t regret it. She all but tricked me into it, but to say no would have been to crush her dreams. And I couldn’t do it. I WOULDN’T. I wasn’t about to let someone else feel  that kind of screeching pain – not when I could stop it.
So no, I don’t regret it. But why did she let me get so close to her? And why did she get so close to me? She says she thought it was all her and she had no idea I was feeling the

attraction, too. Seriously? After that “audition” kiss on the very first day … and then everything that happened on her patio? Man, it’s a good thing I walked out – well, stormed out – when I did.

But I came back. Just to do the show. Nothing else. Because now I know that Lola is a liar and a manipulator and … God, why can’t I stop thinking about her? And why does it keep happening? Every time I’m near her, she makes me feel … God! Even knowing what I know about her – even after everything I lost … Damn it!

She makes me feel alive again.


I’d love it if you would vote for Arlen to be Chick Lit Book Boyfriend 2017! To vote, simply email Contest Coordinator Tracie Bannister and say ARLEN BLACK. That’s it! Easy-peasy, and you don’t have to sign up for a thing. Just copy and paste this email address  and send a two word email: ARLEN BLACK, and your vote will be counted.


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 And if you would like to see how the Book Boyfriend Contest can win you a Kindle Paperwhite loaded with 30 Chick Lit ebooks, click here.


Thank you for joining me for this special edition of Things That Make Me Go Mmmrrh… I will be posting on my regularly scheduled day, May 27, as well. Hope to see you then, too! In the meantime, I’d love to dish … who have been some of your most unforgettable Book Boyfriends?

First and foremost, Geralyn Corcillo loves reader reviews! In other news…When she was a kid in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Geralyn Vivian Ruane Corcillo dreamed of one day becoming the superhero Dyna Girl. So, she did her best and grew up to constantly pick up litter and rescue animals. At home, she loves watching black & white movies, British mysteries, and the NY Giants. Corcillo lives in a drafty old house in Hollywood with her husband Ron, a guy who’s even cooler than Kip Dynamite.


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  • marianne h donley
    on May 18, 2017

    Ahh! Mary Stewart one of my favorites. I loved Touch Not the Cat! Now, I’m off to vote for Arlen because he made me laugh.

    • Geralyn Corcillo
      on May 18, 2017

      Oh, thanks for voting for Arlen. 🙂 I re-read Touch Not the Cat every other year or so. I own a paperback of the book and an old hardcover Sandy Chvostal once found at a table in an used book store and she got it for me because she knew how much I adored it 🙂

  • Linda McLaughlin
    on May 23, 2017

    Gosh, Geralyn, I’d have bet you were way to young to have heard of Trixie Belden! Guess the books stayed in print longer than I thought. I, too, was in love with Nat in The Witch of Blackbird Pond, one of my favorites and the the book that made me want to write historical romances. Loved Mary Stewart, also. I think my favorite is This Rough Magic.

    Your Arlen book sounds really cute. Good luck with the contest.

    • Author
      Geralyn Corcillo
      on May 23, 2017

      Oh my goodness – I have good news! Arlen won!!!! Marianne said I could post a blog on here today because no one was scheduled to announce the good news. Thanks for your good wishes – it all came true 🙂 I think the Trixie’s I read might have been out of print already 🙂 They were left in the house when we moved in in 1978. If you go to the home page for a Slice of Orange, you will see your blog that just posted, and right underneath it my blog about Arlen winning, which I posted in the wee hours of this morning.

  • Linda McLaughlin
    on May 23, 2017


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