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Wishing for just one more day?

February 29, 2008 by in category Blogs tagged as with 5 and 0
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Haven’t we all wished for more time? This year we’re lucky, it happens to be a Leap Year and theoretically we all have one more day.

What would you do with one extra day? Would you squander it in your pajamas eating junk food watching a Mike Rowe marathon on the Discovery Channel? Would you use it at the office to catch up on filing? Or would you do something you always wanted to do but never had time for?

My friend Susanne, a leap year baby, is wildly enthusiastic about turning 10 years old today. I’ve known her for 11 years and she’s been married for 17.

Speaking of marriage, it’s also Sadie Hawkins Day — the day when it is acceptable to propose marriage according to a tradition started in 5th century Ireland. St. Bridget convinced St. Patrick to allow women to propose on this very day. If the man refused, he was fined either money or a gown. (By the way, St. Bridget proposed to St. Patrick that day; he said no).

For the majority of us, February 29th is simply an extra day we have to work. Even so, February 29th gives us one more day to dream, to laugh, and have just a little more time with the ones we love.

What are you doing with your one extra day?


  • Anonymous
    on February 29, 2008

    Folks born on leap years are lucky – or so I’ve heard. Hmm what will I do today, nothing too grand. Probably just polish my manuscript and query letter a little more before I submit it!

  • Anonymous
    on February 29, 2008


    Loved the story about St. Bridget proposing to St. Patrick, LOL. I’d never heard that one before.

    I’m hoping to go shoe shopping this afternoon, and since I’m leaving on a trip next Wed., I’m doubly grateful for an extra day this year.

    Lyndi / Linda Mac

  • Anonymous
    on February 29, 2008

    Now that sounds like a nice morning! I have to think of how to spend a bonus check from work. The possibilities are endless….

  • Anonymous
    on February 29, 2008

    I’d do exactly what I’m doing right now. Indulge in some comfort food (mashed potatoes) and enjoy the fact that my daughter is sleeping so I can WRITE!!!

    ~ Louise Ahern

  • Anonymous
    on February 29, 2008

    I have no idea what I’m planning to do that would make this day any more auspicious then any other. That being said…I’m sure if anything chocolate will be involved. 🙂

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