A Fantasy Life – Part 6

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Religion. Every society has some kind of beliefs. Those beliefs fall into two categories: monotheistic and polytheistic. When developing a world, you have to decide which way to go. When I write historicals, it is no problem. The Irish Countess was Catholic. After all she was Irish. In The Kilted Governess, they were Protestants. In Augeas, it’s still up for grabs.

After consulting my plot group, my youngest son, and my critique partner, Debra, I came up with a few ideas. The Ancient Ones and the humans would probably not have the same religion since they are different species that developed at different times. The Ancient Ones, when they die, turn into light and disappear. That came about because my sister told me I couldn’t leave Grandmother dead in the rocking chair on the porch. She had to be buried, but, geez, that’s a lot of work for one person. I didn’t like the thought of Rayna dragging Grandmother through the dirt, digging a hole and putting her in. It all seemed rather undignified. So, I had her turn to light and poof, no body to bury. It’s amazing what one can set up by accident.

If the Ancient Ones turn into light, then they must want to reach the light at the end of their journey through life. So they have a philosophy more than a religion. They follow the Path of Enlightenment and at the end, they join the light and become whole with those who went before them.

As with any religion or philosophy, there has to be the evil side. (My son threatened me if I said the Dark Side.) There is always good vs. evil. So what happens if they fall from the Path of Enlightenment? There has to be a penalty. They don’t get to join the light. Then someone has to bury them. Hopefully someone strong enough so they won’t be dragged through the dirt.

The humans? I still don’t know what they believe in. They have a polytheistic religion, but no one is on a religious quest at the moment, so I have more time to figure it out.

Above is a picture of Andra from the second set of Augeas stories arriving in April.

Art work by Jasmine Tanner – http://veildandy.deviantart.com

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  • Anonymous
    on February 29, 2008


    I like what you did with the Ancient Ones’s philosophy. Love the idea of just turning into light and becoming whole with those who have already passed over. 😀

    I love Jasmine’s artwork for the stories, too.

    Lyndi / Linda

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