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October 18, 2007 by in category Writer on the Verge tagged as with 3 and 0

by Kate Carlisle
Will it ever ring? Will they ever call? They never call. Sigh.

I think I’ve been waiting for “The Call” since … well, probably since I had a phone that looks like this one.

Fifty years? Okay, maybe not that long. Maybe only twenty years.

But the waiting is over, my friends.


And oh, it was a sweet moment. And at the risk of sounding really silly–like that’s ever stopped me!–I’ve got to tell you, everything in my world changed in that single moment, when my agents told me that a senior editor at a top publishing company had enough confidence in my writing that she was willing to buy three–THREE!–as-yet unwritten manuscripts from me.

Oh yes, everything changed.

It shouldn’t be that way, should it? A word from one person and suddenly you’re more important or special or different than you were a minute ago? Validation shouldn’t have to come from outside. I should have confidence in my own work. And I do. I know I have writing talent. I work with the most fabulous agents in New York City. I’ve won writing contests and received requests for my manuscripts and studied writing craft and I usually know what I’m doing when I sit down to start a new manuscript.

But something is still missing.

And like magic, when The Call comes, everything changes and all the years of hard work and rejections and hitting your head against the wall and stumbling and picking yourself up and starting over again — all that background story suddenly hits an incredible turning point and spins and twists and explodes in an amazing climax. And whew, everything is different. And it’s fantastic.

Don’t believe me? Just wait. It happened just like that for me and it’ll happen to you, too, if you just remember three little words. Maureen Child used them yesterday and I’m repeating them today because they just may be the key to getting what you want.

Three little words …

Never Give Up!!!


  • Anonymous
    on October 18, 2007

    Hey Maureen! I’m still thrilled and celebrating every day! Thanks!

    Jen, thank you! And don’t you know? I’m much too young for that 20 years story to be true! P.S. Congrats to you, too! Two-book deal from Ballantine! Woohoo!!!

  • Anonymous
    on October 18, 2007

    Great story Kate! Did you really write for 20 years before publishing? You’re way too talented for that to be true!

    Mega Congrats!

  • Anonymous
    on October 18, 2007

    Woo Hoo!! I’ll say that again and again! It’s so exciting to hear ‘the call’ stories! And Kate, I’m still so thrilled for you I can’t stand it!

    Cannot WAIT to buy that first book! You earned this girl, Celebrate!

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