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By Kate Carlisle

That’s me, on the verge. But really…on the verge of what? Stardom? Publication? A nervous breakdown??

Hey, and what is a verge, anyway? Like some kind of cliff, I think. The edge. The brink. The limit. Land’s end. Ah, it might be fun to just relax and jump.

But wait! It might hurt! Maybe I need to be talked off the ledge. Help!

Yeah, good luck with that. I’m here to tell you, you can try begging for help off the ledge, but your friends, the real friends, the people who nag you and worry for you and laugh and talk and share your pain are yelling “jump!”

What’s up with that?

It’s scary here on the verge! You just want to step away, maybe go take a nap. But they won’t let you! No, they want you to enter another contest, query another agent, stop screwing around and get serious about your work.

And if you try to sneak away? Ha, they band together and refuse to let you pass. They operate in packs, they form tag teams, they nudge you closer to the verge, whisper sweet words of encouragement, coax and coo and smile and cajole you into believing that you’ll be happier if you jump. They insist the plunge itself only lasts a few seconds and you’ll suddenly find yourself in a new and better place. A lovely place that finds you closer to a contest win, the end of your book, your dream agent, your first sale, the bestseller list.

And then? Well, then you’re on the verge of something else! Yeah, somewhere along the road you realize that with every step you take, you find yourself at the edge of another cliff.

So what do you do? Take a nap? No, those people, those friends, they won’t let you! Really, they are a bunch of nags! Nope, there’s only one thing you can do when you find yourself on the verge.


Kate Carlisle is a Golden Heart winner and American Title finalist who writes romance, mystery and Young Adult fiction.


  • Anonymous
    on March 15, 2007

    Hey Gina! LOL…must be why my ears are ringing. 🙂

  • Anonymous
    on March 14, 2007

    I call it writer’s vertigo…

  • Anonymous
    on March 14, 2007

    Look, it’s all my favorite nags–er, friends! LOL. Thanks for visiting my mini-bloglet today!

    Yes it’s scary, nerve-wracking, but if we want the goodies, we’ve got to go for it. With a little help from our friends, right Dana? 😉

  • Anonymous
    on March 14, 2007

    Oh Kate…I loved this. I *so* understand.

    And I think your pushy friends have been talking to my pushy friends.

    It’s a beautiful thing, those wonderful pushy friends who I love so much.

    🙂 d

  • Anonymous
    on March 14, 2007

    JUMP!! LOLOL……Kate I wonder who those pushy friends are??

    The jump is scary, and nerve wracking. But it’s only when you make that jump that things start happening!!

  • Anonymous
    on March 14, 2007

    I agree…jumping would be good. Just jump. The goodies in life are only available for those willing to do the work and take the risk.

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