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By Lori Pyne

I am making new lists, crossing completed tasks off older lists, and sensing departure time approaching fast. Mental notes are bubbling and hopefully being recorded on to yet another new list of must get done before Saturday’s deadline.

Stress should be my dominate emotion, and yet excitement wins without a contest. Knowing that this will be my last for a while should make me sad, but gratitude and enthusiasm predominate.

Clothing still needs packing. Suppose I such first make sure the items fit before folding them into the suitcase. Would not want to arrive only to discover that the one thing that covers my current girth is the shorts and t-shirt worn on the drive up the coast.

Note to self – add control top nylons to a list.

I can hear the shared laughter from friends of many years and of those newly met. I can feel the moments of enlightenment as something heard numerous times finally makes sense.

Only mundane remaining tasks and a number of hours stand between now and departure time.

Anticipation. One of my favorite parts of the adventure


  • Anonymous
    on July 25, 2008

    Looking forward to seeing you there, Lori!

    LOL, Shauna. Your comment cracked me up! That sounds like me…But I’m making progress. 🙂

  • Anonymous
    on July 25, 2008

    You’re farther along than me in getting ready for National! I’m so excited that I keep bopping from task to task without completing any. Actually, that’s an exaggeration—I have checked a few off my very long list, but they are items such as “clip toenails.” Still need to do the biggies.

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