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By Janet Quinn Cornelow

Gideon is the hero in my Augeas story that is part of my Whiskey Shots Vol. 17. He is a warrior set against Dorjan in a battle to save the Ancient Ones from annihilation in “The Betrayer.” He is also a human in a world of magic and a member of the Lord’s Guard.

When an editor sends you the edits on a book, it is probably the least enjoyable part of writing. Usually, you have time to work on it and do a last check. However, when I found out on July 15 that Amber Quill wanted to release Betrayals on August 3 and could I get the edits back by July 25 if I got them by the 19th, what was I suppose to say, “No.”

I got the edits on the 19th, returned them on the 22nd and emailed back and forth on the 23rd to clear up the last few problems – except for the one both the editor and I missed. The galley arrived on the 24th with a request to have it back within three to five days. I am on day four with 109 pages to go.

Besides eyestrain from staring at the computer screen and working on the edits and galley around my other two jobs, life is wonderful. Isn’t this what being an author is all about?

And just to make the weekend more interesting, the neighbors decided we needed a new fence. It was a little rickety after twenty some years. When do the fence men arrive? Four o’clock on Saturday afternoon. Came back on Sunday. Of course, this means I am locked in with Chewbaca, my 75 pound dog. He is spending his time guarding me from the men who might sneak in and attack and barking ferociously at the men in his backyard. Unfortunately, Chewbaca does not understand the fine art of walking so he can potty. After all, he has a dog door and uses the backyard whenever it suits his purpose. I’m waiting for a very large accident since he hasn’t been “out” for 24 hours.

Art work by Jasmine Tanner – http://veildandy.deviantart.com

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  • Anonymous
    on July 27, 2008

    OMG, he hasn’t had a chance to relieve himself in 24 hours? I must be misinterpreting what you wrote.

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