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November 2017
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Man vs. Dog

June 7, 2017 by in category Eye on Hollywood tagged as , with 6 and 0
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Man vs Dog | Bobbie Cimo | A Slice of Orange

Man vs DogDuring one of my Canadian vacations, I accidentally came upon a film crew shooting in the streets of Old Montreal. The movie was called  Heavenly Dog. The star of the flick was comedian Chevy Chase (known for the Caddyshacks and National Lampoon’s vacation movies) and co-starring with him was a cute little scruffy dog named Benji. The plot of the movie is about a detective who is slain in the middle of a murder investigation and is given the opportunity to come back to earth—not as himself, but as a dog, so he could solve, along with the original murder, who was behind his own demise. I think it’s pretty obvious who played which part.

With hardly any effort at all, I somehow managed to get some one-on-one time with Chevy Chase. We talked about Montreal, the entertainment business and the movie he was working on. Widely known for his comedic behavior, I was surprised how serious he was when it came to conversing in small chitchat. I guess we all have this image of how we expect someone we see on film to act when we meet them in person.

Because I was on vacation, I happen to have my camera with me. But truthfully, there’s a reason why my friends and family used to affectionately refer to me as the Kodak Kid. If there was ever an opportunity for a photo, I’d be there with my handy dandy Instamatic. ‘Cause nothing says it better than a Kodak Moment (or to help you remember those things that age has a way of making you forget).

As we were posing together, I could tell Chevy was either making funny faces or doing some kind of gesture behind my back. I told him several times to stop, because I wanted to have a nice picture of us together. Every time I told him, he would humbly agree to stop. And like a fool I believed him. I didn’t realize until after I had my pictures developed, that he had put rabbit ears over my head. At first I was annoyed, but I guess Chevy being Chevy, he couldn’t resist. And now when I look at the picture, it just makes me laugh.

Several yeas after the release of  Heavenly Dog I was at a CBS afternoon Affiliates party when I met Benji’s trainer, Frank Inn. Frank, a world renown animal trainer, got his start as an assistant trainer to Skippy, the dog who played Asta in all of those famed Thin Man movies.

Man vs Dog | Bobbie Cimo | A Slice of Orange

Besides Benji (whose real name was Higgins), Frank trained Orangey the cat, who played Cat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and  Arnold the pig who was best known for his fictional character as Arnold Ziffel on TV’s Green Acres. Frank was so fond of these animals that when he died, all three of their ashes were buried with him.

When Higgins, the original Benji retired, he was replaced by his daughter, Benjean. She was smaller than the original Benji , but fluffier, and the tips of her ears had to be dyed to match her father’s. The older she got, her own ears turned as dark as her dad’s, and dyeing them was no longer necessary. I’m sure she was thrilled. And Benjean forever became known as Benji and went on to star in the most popular of the Benji movies, including  Heavenly Dog, and then on to the popular TV shows.

Not only was Frank kind enough to have Benji perform several tricks when we met, but he allowed me to take a picture with the adorable moppet-like star.

After posing with both Chevy and Benji—man and canine, it’s hands down for me who of the two followed directions better.

Man vs Dog




Bobbie Cimo has worked in Hollywood for years. She has ALL the best stories.


  • Anonymous
    on May 15, 2009

    Hi Sue;

    Thanks for all the encouragement. You’re the one who keeps me going. It’s fun for me to remember these stories, too. Half of them I had forgotten about until I started doing these blogs.


  • Anonymous
    on May 15, 2009

    Bobbie, I love your stories and photos to go along with them. Thank you for writing them! :-))

    Belated Birthday Greetings, Gal!

  • Anonymous
    on May 14, 2009

    Hi Debra;

    I’m glad you enjoy my celebrity sighting stories. It was hard to act cool when I was around someone I really liked. But with Benji I could be myself and put my paws all over him. Thanks for the nice compliment, too.


  • Anonymous
    on May 14, 2009

    Ger, I just loved meeting Benji, I wanted to take him home with me. At one point Frank was training about a thousand animals,including Lassie. Benji aka as Higgins got his start on a show called Petticoat Junction. And I too loved “Cat” at Breakfast Tiffany’s. That scene always makes me cry…happy tears.


  • Anonymous
    on May 14, 2009

    Bobbie, I love your stories of show business! Being from the east coast, I still get starry-eyed over celebrities. What a wonderful, warm storyteller you are!

  • Anonymous
    on May 13, 2009


    I LOVE the movie Oh Heavenly Dog!!!! On my radio show last year, I interviewed Joe Camp, Benji’s owner and the writer and director of all the Benji movies! I was SOOOOOO excited! I was blathering on about how much I LOVE OHD! I LOVE your blog!! And you met “Cat’s” trianer? I think the ending scene with Audrey and Cat in the rainy alley in BaT’s is one of the most romantic movie moments ever!!! You sure are one lucky and sassy lady!!!

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