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Hello authors, this is The Reader. So, what have you written for me
this month? Let me tell you a secret. There is a reader out there,
probably me, who is waiting for your next book. Maybe I can’t
remember youf name, I can’t ask for you, but when I see it…yeah. And
I’m looking for a book to scratch that itch that I just can’t reach
with any other book. The one that says it just a little bit different.

Sometimes, I think I’m forgotten. Oh, I know authors are out there
trawling the internet for me. But frankly that makes me feel like a
shrimp. I don’t mean to dis you, or the whole idea of advertising and
reaching out and so on. I just like the idea that someone is writing
just for me. Me. Lonely. Tired. Wanting to know what it feels like to
be beautiful, desired. Today, experiencing a win, a thrill after the
cat threw up all over the new carpet, and I lost the file at work and
missed a deadline. You know – just make me feel good.

Do you ever think about me?

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