Valentine Haiku by Michelle Thorne

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valentine’s day dearth
no candy or any flowers
no one to spoon…sucks

Michelle Thorne
Bearly Used Books…123
Home of A Great Read
OCC Media Director
123 So. First Street
Historic Old Puente, CA 91744
(626) 968-3700


  • Anonymous
    on February 27, 2007

    My sweet Michele and Dana,
    I only feel sorry for myself on Valentine’s Day…I rest of the year I buy myself all the flowers and candy any girl(?) could want. I really really like not having to share a bed with anybody but the “cutest kitties in the whole world” because when they get too frisky, I just pick them up and put them in the other room, Don’t try that with your DHs. I pretty sure Eric and Mr P would not take kindly to the being in the other room thing and you might hurt yourselves trying to pick them up.
    Love you like I love my shoes,

  • Anonymous
    on February 27, 2007

    Yeah, I offered to spoon her, but spooning leads to forking and I thought Mr. P would be pisssd!

    😉 d

  • Anonymous
    on February 26, 2007

    Oh, my little Two L. I LOVE Haikus! I’m sorry this one is so sad. 🙁

    See you soon,


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