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Making a living at writing isn’t always easy. There are dozens–probably hundreds–of writers who are working toward that goal as we speak.

Well, one of the ways to help yourself in reaching that goal is…write for more than one house. Category and mainstream. Historical and contemporary. Romance and mystery. Paranormal and contemporary. There are lots of ways to do it. Heck, you can write the same KIND of book for more than one house! (As long as you have an agent who’s clever with the option clause).

The point is, don’t put all of your writing eggs in one basket. Spread yourself around a little. Take chances. Push envelopes.

Writing for more than one house gives you the opportunity for more releases per year. More releases means more advance/acceptance/and possible royalty money coming in. Then you’re one step closer to quitting the day job.

So the next time you sign a contract, instead of jumping right into that newly signed deal, do a proposal for something different. For someone else. Get that proposal done and out there before you start writing your contracted book. That way, while you’re working, you’ve got something else out there working FOR you.

Sure it sounds a little scary. A little intimidating. But you’ll never know if you can do it if you don’t try!

Maureen Child is the author of more than 100 books. At the moment, she’s writing up–what else? A proposal.


  • Anonymous
    on January 17, 2008

    Just as long as you’re not talking to me! Great advice Maureen for those who have the guts to take it!

  • Anonymous
    on January 17, 2008

    LOL Kate and Michele!! I’m talking to BOTH of you! And all of the other wonderful writers who belong to OCC and National RWA.

    You wanna be a working writer? Then hunker down and get to it! (Oooh. Good advice. I should listen to me.)

  • Anonymous
    on January 17, 2008

    Oh, good. She’s talking to you, Kate? I thought she was talking to me. Whew. 😉

    You’re right, Maureen. There’s so much about this business that’s scary. But as you mentioned…We’ll never know if we can do something until we try. That’s something I’ve taken to heart the past couple years.



  • Anonymous
    on January 17, 2008

    Great advice, Maureen. As usual! But why do I always get the paranoid feeling you’re talking directly to ME? LOL

    Funny…I’m writing up a new proposal right now. 😉


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