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I have decided to put Wild Honey up at Amazon on Kindle. I can do this myself since I own the e-book rights. The paperback is already there, but I have no way of checking if it is selling.

Debra Holland is the one who convinced me to do this and I have a chapter of her book, Wild Montana Sky, in the back of my book. She has a copy of the first chapter of Wild Honey in one of her books. A little advertising going on there.

I figure since I cannot sell the book again, I would post it myself. Debra has been doing well with hers. I am waiting for the formatted copy to come back in the next day or two so I can get it up.

If this works, I may put up my children’s book. Of course, I have to come up with a cover for it. I owned the cover for Wild Honey. I have found it is extremely hard to sell children’s books. Harder than adult books.

I have not done much writing. I have six classes I am teaching online at the moment and way too many papers to grade.

I also have become a grandmother, something I was beginning to think I would be too old to enjoy when it happened. My middle son Michael and his wife Jessi had Isabella Ruth three weeks ago. Of course I think she is the most wonderful thing in the world. In the looks department, she takes after her daddy. Irish genes can be really strong. However, she is a much better baby than he ever was. She is happy and sleeps at night.

She is contemplating the world.

Of course Chewbaca, my dog and my baby, is not quite certain what he thinks about her. When she started to cry the other day, he got very upset and wanted to examine her. I think he thought something was wrong and he needed to be involved in helping her.

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