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This has been a dreadful week. I didn’t get any writing done. I had plans to go to lunch with Debra Young, my critique partner, on Saturday, but had to cancel. I had lunch scheduled tomorrow with someone I have known since I was two, but have not seen in 35 years. I cancelled that also. I hope to make Plot Group next Friday.

The reason I had to cancel my plans and got nothing done was I met my ex-boss for lunch on Thursday at Applebee’s. On the way in as Kathy was telling me how well I was walking, I caught my toe on something and fell. Hit my knees, then went down on my face. Tweaked my glasses. Hit my cheek on the step. Landed on my purse, which I think bruised my ribs. And, I broke my fingernail. Thank goodness that was all I broke. I didn’t hit my head, which was good.

Of course I instantly had waitresses asking if I wanted an ambulance. I really just wanted to be able to breathe. Then the manager was there asking the same thing. I finally managed to sit up. The manager order me a chair and I just sat there and looked at it. I had to get on my knees to get up in the chair and that was not happening. I levered myself backwards to the stairs, lifted myself up one using the railing, then up the second. I could put my feet on the floor, but couldn’t get up. I had to use one of the waitresses’ arm to get to my feet.

Lunch was nice and they gave us extra ice cream. I didn’t hurt my back, which was good, however, I can hardly move. My right arm turned black and blue today and I didn’t even hit it. I must have twisted it because I was holding on to my cane.

Once I can think again, I may use this experience and give Pax some bruises from his slipping and sliding in the alley, then being whisked into another dimension.

I hope everyone is doing better than I am.

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