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Building a name in publishing is tricky under any circumstances.

Changing your name after you’re published is just crazy.

So of course, I changed my name.

When I began my career with the Samantha Shaw Series, there was talk about Apodaca being too difficult to pronounce. I said, “Uh, hello, Evanovich?”

Okay, I didn’t say it, but I thought it! As it turned out, my publisher grew comfortable with the name and we went forward.

Several years later, my agent began submitting a paranormal proposal I wrote that was bought by Random House/Ballantine.

Insert HUGE excitement here. It would take six blogs to tell you how surprised I was, how scared, how sure I was that they’d realize their mistake. All the usual insecure crap. But enough of that!

Everything was going along swimmingly until I got a call from my agent, “We have a problem.”

No one wants to hear that from their agent! I sincerely thought my editor hated the completed book. I saw a blue vest at Wal Mart in my future. Then my agent said, “The sales people can’t pronounce your name.”

Holy Cow—way to scare me to death!

Long story short, Jennifer Lyon was born. Now we had to introduce her around and we had to do it fast. One thing I have learned over the years is that the promotion that works best is the promotion we enjoy.

So even though my Wing Slayer Hunter series is dark and sexy, I decided to go with a light and fun plan to promote Jen Lyon. First I set out to differentiate the two names:

Apodaca writes mysteries and romance. She is the boring serious one. She never gets into trouble.

But she has an alter ego: Jen Lyon, who insists of writing paranormal. Lyon is a lush who thinks she’s a witch, and if there’s no trouble around, she goes out, finds it and drags it home. She does the things Apodaca would never dare do.

Then I created a blog-site for Lyon where I gave her this whole personality. She loves witches and appletinis and men. This has turned into an ongoing joke on the blog. People who visit the blog bring cyber-appletinis. Sometimes they conspire to steal things (and by things, I mean the hunky men I’ve posted on the blog in a category called Wing Slayer Worthy) and they give Jen Lyon appletinis so she won’t notice their theft.

It’s taken on a life of its own. It’s hilarious and fun.

Will it sell books? I have no idea. All I know is that we’ve released the Lyon and I don’t know if we’ll ever cage her again!

BLOOD MAGIC is officially released tomorrow!

Jennifer Lyon always wanted to be a witch. When her witch-powers didn’t materialize, she turned to creating magic in her books. BLOOD MAGIC is the first book in an enchanting, passionate and supernatural series. Visit Jennifer Lyon at


  • Anonymous
    on February 24, 2009

    BookGoddess Michelle,

    Thank you! That just means the world to me that you liked the book. And you really do know people to get an advance copy!

    I am so lucky to have such supportive, helpful, smart and talented friends!

  • Anonymous
    on February 23, 2009

    Lyon or Apodaca, Always a “A Great Read”. Even though “Blood Magic” drops tomorrow, I know people, so I have read it and I LOVED IT!!! It’s a keeper and I can’t wait for the next book. Everyone, run to your nearest bookstore and buy it… now. You done good. Can’t wait to sell it at the OCC meeting. My friends are such smart and talented authors. I’m so lucky.

  • Anonymous
    on February 23, 2009

    Maureen, so true about Marianne! I’d go in the basement if she was with me.

    Thanks so much for believing in BLOOD MAGIC!

    I’m always up for appletinis!

  • Anonymous
    on February 23, 2009

    Marianne’s so brave. I knew she could go into a basement!!

    Jen, LYON is going to be a huge SUCCESS!!! Cannot wait to get my copy of BLOOD MAGIC!! woo hoo

    appletinis for everyone!

  • Anonymous
    on February 23, 2009

    Basements are scary places! Every book I’ve ever read has told me that basements are not good places after dark 🙂

  • Anonymous
    on February 23, 2009

    I didn’t do the packing.

    There is all sorts of strange stuff down there. Stuff I’ve never even seen before. I never go down there after dark.

    Maybe I’ll drink apple juice while reading tomorrow.


  • Anonymous
    on February 23, 2009

    LOL, Marianne! You actually MOVED that stuff with you? I think you can safely dispose of it and Lyon will never even notice.

    It’s my understanding that Lyon has quite a stash of Appletini glasses. I don’t know where she gets them and I’m afraid to ask!

  • Anonymous
    on February 23, 2009


    Now how is it that Lyon can even drink an Appletini since I have her Appletini glass AND her deviled egg tray stashed in a box in my basement.


  • Anonymous
    on February 23, 2009

    Michele, thank you! I hope you like the book.

    I love the Appletini Fountain idea! People tend to declare it “Happy Hour” on that blog a lot–I guess there’s a lot of happy people hanging out there 🙂

  • Anonymous
    on February 23, 2009

    I like Apodaca and Lyon! 🙂

    I’ve pre-ordered my copy, Jen… I’m so excited about this book and the entire series!!! Can’t wait to start reading it!

    Lyon should look into an appletini fountain for the blog (I don’t know…Would something like that work for that drink???)… it would save her a lot time at happy hour or when new people arrive. Or when someone just declares they want an appletini. 😉

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